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Jul 25, 2006 10:41 PM

San Diego dinner for 20 people over 50 who are food fans

I am helping to schedule a dinner for 10 doctors and their spouses -- 20 people -- who will be attending a medical conference in the fall. I was thinking Prado but would welcome other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd vote either Cafe Cerise or Marine Room. Marine Room is really nice, and the view is amazing.

    1. If we are talking out of towners, I second Marine Room. Great Chef, Bernard Guillas, great food and the view always blows visiters away.

      1. I'd also suggest the Marine Room. If you don't want to stray too far from downtown, however, try Mr. A's. Also a very nice view and good food.

        1. I have used Mr. A's for entertaining several times. Contact the manager and they will accomodate your every need. They can arrange for you to use the patio for cocktails and drinks and then the dining room for the dinner and return to the patio for after dinner drinks. Contact Penney at 619-239-1377. You will not be disapointed. They have entertained the President. This will impress. You can not beet the view and atmosphere. We celebrated my 40th with them and the chef created an increadible cake for us.

          Rainwaters does a nice job too, but there is no view. They can be extremely accomocating and create a menu specific to your party. Their lower wine room is very nice and they can make a hollow square or several small table.. I have used Rainwaters probably 10 times for work related dinners and lunches.

          Roys is accomodating as well. They are a chain, so that can be limiting in a corporate way. That being said I have used them 4x and I have had great service and response each time.

          Let us know what you do.

          1. When it comes to view, "most amazing" is largely a matter of preference. Mr. A's has a dramatic view of downtown San Diego, yes - but Mr. A's is also in the flight path of the airport, and the planes zooming down the hill get very loud. Even worse is that sometimes the planes take off up that hill, and then the jet engines are deafening.

            Marine Room's view is pretty unique - Marine Room is built on the beach, literally. The restaurant is sunken below sea level, so the water comes right up against the large picture windows. At high tide, it's very dramatic.

            The food at both Mr. A's and Marine Room is great, so you can't go wrong there. The difference between the restaurants is pretty much ambience. For myself, I prefer the ocean views of Marine Room to the urban views of Mr. A's, but neither restaurant will disappoint.

            I'm not really a huge fan of Rainwater's though - it simply doesn't compare to these other two restaurants. If you're entertaining food fans, Rainwater's is probably a little boring.

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              Peohe's, C Level/Island Prime and Qwigg's all have better views, but I certainly would not recommend any of them (kind of hard with Qwigg's since it's closed and gutted) for an event like the original poster was described.

              1. re: Sonrisa

                Better is in the eye of the beholder.