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Jul 25, 2006 10:29 PM

Sansei in Kihei

Has anyone been here? It was recommended to me by the concierge at the Four Seasons. Is it worth it? By the way she told me there were two locations. Is that true or is it just same name different places?

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  1. I don't know about in Kihei, but the Sansei in (now) Waikiki is excellent!! Definitely go, and I hope it's the same!

    1. Ok, here I go again.... I (personally) think the Kihei & Waikiki satellites are sad sad versions of the real thing. I've ordered the same dishes I loved at Kapalua & they had no resemblance whatsoever to the original. I can't believe they're even related, although I hear the Waikiki location does better sushi than Kapalua - Kapalua is definitely not known for it's sushi, so this could be a left-handed compliment or a good one. I have had sushi at Waikiki & it was ok. Kapalua is the best by far (for all except sushi!), but it may be closed now for construction. If it's open, make the drive, sit at the liquor bar, let the bartender tell you what's good, don't miss the Kapalua Butterfly roll or something like that in the wasabi sesame beurre blanc sauce & have a ball!!

      1. We ate at the Sansei in Kihei in February and it was wonderful. We sat at the sushi bar and the sushi chef just handed out some plates to us besides what we ordered off the sushi menu. He was great, and the sushi was fabulous! Didn't have anything cooked, so can't comment on that, but enjoyed the environment and the sushi, and the chef who was very friendly.