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Jul 25, 2006 10:28 PM

Piccolo in Venice recommendations?

Hi Guys. going to Piccolo in Venice (formerly Piccolo Cipriani) for the first time tonight. Any recommendations? thanks!

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  1. Oooh...Piccolo! The Potato Fig Tortelli are to die for, and I also love the Beef Carpaccio. Dessert highlights for me are the beignet and the semifreddi. You can also do a tasting menu which is great if you have a big appetite. Mine isn't quite up to snuff so it was a bit much for me!

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      February 2012 update in case anyone is searching. New to the neighborhood and was looking for someplace to catch an easy Sunday supper. Remembered this place as the original home of Michael Wilson of Wilson's and thought to give it a try (he's looong gone, oh my god his diver scallops on parmesean polenta!!). Forget everything negative you read below. Way outdated. It was sublime. Serious attention given to every detail. I will be heading back to try the tasting menu as soon as possible. Wonderful service, magical atmosphere, and perfect dishes. Four stars only because we just ordered 'utilitatian' fare so I can't judge comprehensively. If you are considering going, go. Plates are on the small side, so order well. Not inexpensive but relax, dig in, and enjoy.

      5 Dudley Ave, Venice, CA 90291

    2. I went there a year ago and still dream about the veal chop. It was a special but it must have resurfaced. The Papparedelle with shaved truffles was incredible as well. If I lived even just west of La Brea I would be back there all the time. My favorite Italian place in town.

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        Some of the Piccolo pasta dishes are served at Wilson (On Washington in Culver City). It's not much closer to the east side, but it might be less of a trek for you!

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          Ok. What is Wilson? and how similar are the dishes? This is very intriguing though.

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            Wilson is the latest offering from the guys behind Piicolo and 5 Dudley. They serve some pastas from Piccolo in addition to their own uniue offerings. Great atmosphere and wine list, I enjoyed dining there very much.


      2. Visited Piccolo finally after many a years as a Venice Local wondering if the place was all that?

        Unfortunately I was very disappointed-
        The service slow and not very friendly-
        They had 6 guys roaming around or shall I say Hovering-but the service still was lame-
        The nice spanish bus boy was the only guy working-

        The food seemed overpriced for what you get-and how long you have to wait to get it-
        We filled up on 3 baskets of bread-cuz we were so hungry from waiting so long-
        Do they think the long wait makes the customers think the food is is special?
        I had the Lamb Shank which was nice and moist-just so so-
        The Pasta again just ok-
        and the wine was suppose to cost $49 a bottle and somehow ended up on the bill as $59

        Anyway the place needs to get a clue-
        Treat customers special-
        Have better, nicer and faster service-

        I shall not return-

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          If I'm not mistaken, Piccolo changed hands quite a few times since this thread started.
          Your experience reflects different ownership and chef from postings above.