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Jul 25, 2006 09:48 PM

Western/Wilshire Eats?


I'm moving from my Fairfax/Beverly 'hood to a place off 2nd and Gramercy Place. Not too familar with the eats in the area.

Can anyone recommend yummy/cool places to eat? Any type of food and everything from take-out to a nice dine-in experience.

Looking for things quite close (i.e. anything within a 5 or so block radius of the Wiltern Theater). The closer to 2nd and Gramercy the better!

And please - No El Pollo Loco. Thanks! = P

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  1. In early June, I posted a big review of a place called "Mongolica" that is a bit closer to Vermont on Beverly. But even if you have to drive, its worth it. There is a parking lot. I have tried to post a link but not sure if it will come out. Search under "Mongolica"

    Immediately across from Mongolica is Atlachtl [I probably mangled the spelling] which is a very nice Salvadoran pupusa place.

    Closer to you is BCD Tofu. Some people prefer other tofu joints but if you have a late night craving for boiling hot tofu soup, BCD is a great place to go. BCD is right on Wilshire between Western and Normandie. It is a dine in experience.

    Up Wilshire is the California market which is a good source for all things Korean and which also has very tasty stuffed pancake things sold from a truck right outside the store. There are a number of small restaurant stands in the grocery store that you can take out food from. I suggest you experiment--places seem to go in and out from there.

    In general, if you search this board for koreatown, you will find lots and lots of really great places to eat.

    welcome to the neighborhood.

    1. 2-3 blocks East of Western on Wilshire and Hobart, there is Myung Dong Kyoja, a delicious Korean noodle restaurant. They only have 4-5 dishes on the menu, and I really enjoy the noodles with dumplings in brown broth! Not to mention that it is inexpensive AND clean.

      1. On Western at the intersection of 7th Street is the greatest roast chicken this fair city offers. This is a Peruvian style bird, smoke roasted over a live wood fire, served with a piquant green aji sauce. It's hands down my favorite roast chicken, far more flavorful and crisp skinned than Zankou's.

        Pollo a la Brasa
        764 S Western Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90005
        (213) 382-4090

        My food blog:

        1. The Opus Bar and Grill (right nest to the Wiltern) has a new chef, he's from the recently closed Meson G and his food is amazing. I loved it there and it was great the other night at his new spot.

          It is more of a sit down, upscale dining experience, but they do have a bar at which you can dine too if you want a more casual experience.