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Best pizza on UES?

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  1. Try John's Pizza - on 64th Street just east of 1st Ave.

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      I'll agree that John's on E64 St is pretty good but Patsy's (the original) on 1st Ave at 117 Street is better.

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        What's your opinion of the Patsy's on 2nd Ave & 66th or 67th St.? I've never been there, but it's usually busy and from the sidewalk tables, it look pretty good!

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          I haven't been to that Patsy's at 66th but it, and all the other Patsy's have no connection to the original Patsy's at 117 Street. I got dragged to the one on Columbus Ave a few years ago and it was boring pizza. It's not bad but it's not good either.

          Try the original at 1 Ave at 117 St and also try the house salad. It feeds two and is delicious.

          We have Italian relatives in Queens who are always talking about how they want to come back into the city and go to Patsy's with us. Everyone (usually native NYers) we take there loves it.

    2. The pizza at Patsy's 66th is pretty decent. If you want to be healthy, you can try Slice. I think it's on 2nd and 72nd? I'm a big fan of Vinci's and Pintaile's.

      1. What about the great Totonno's on 2nd near 82nd(?)

        1. Patsy's on 117th is the best. Totonno's on 2nd Ave. is second. Nick's on 94th & 2nd is good, as long as you eat it there and it's fresh. They don't sell slices.

          1. RAY'S- 76th and 3rd, you wont be disappointed

            1. For a traditional "fake mozz" (as oppossed to fresh mozz) pie, try Ultimate Pizza (57th & 1st). A good old fashioned slice of regular. Great for delivery also.

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                I have to disagree. The pizza is somewhat tasteless and the crust is like cardboard

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                  Ultimate was the worst slice I ever had but it was beaten out by Bella something-or-other on 57 St near Third Ave.

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                    Well I have to disagree with you, Ultimate Pizza is great

                2. Nick's on 94th and 2nd is SEVERELY underappreciated, and it's the best on the UES by a mile for me (for some reason, I really dislike Patsy's, don't know why).

                  Ray Bari on 76th and 3rd is surprisingly tasty but it's not really in the same league.

                  Seriously, though, Nick's is great.

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                    I totally agree with the poster about Nick's. By far the best on the UES if not in Manhattan.

                  2. Ultimate Pizza on 1st btwn 57th and 58th is great

                    1. Mimi's Pizza. And it had been since the 70's.

                      1. Please try Memo's? Memas? Mimmas? On the corner of 2 Ave and I think 83 or 84 St. (S.E. Corner) You will not be disappointed even if I can't get the name or address a 100% accurate. It's definitely on 2 Ave and either 83 or 84 St.

                        1. Luigi's on First and 89th for classic NY Pizza, Totonnos for brick oven.

                            1. I like Al Forno on 78th Street & 2nd Avenue or Tiramisu on 81st & 3rd Ave. Service at Tiramisu is lacking and the tables are more cramped so I lean more towards Al Forno. But both pizzas are good. I dislike Ray's, too thick of a crust. John's is good too.

                              1. Patsy's (1st Ave & 117th St), Totonno's, and John's are thin crust dynamos, their pies cooked in ovens reaching nuclear-meltdown heat levels. Pizza from these places is orders of magnitude better than ANY "traditional" NYC (whatever that means) soft-dough muzz and sauce pie.