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Jul 25, 2006 09:02 PM

Boston salumi - Where to find?

I have found a nice choice of Italian-style cured/preserved meats in the North End at Salumeria but am always on the look out for more. All recommendations would be welcome.

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  1. The deli at Russo's on Pleasant Street in Watertown has a nice selection of cured meats. They're also the only place I know of in town that carries lardo. (I was quite surprised to learn recently that Salumeria Italia does not.)

    1. Capone Foods in Union Square, Somerville has a decent selection of salumi and other Italian imports. They're worth a trip for the fresh pasta alone - dozens of flavors and shapes, made to order!

      1. Thanks for the information. I will make a trip to Russos. Lardo is a real delicacy. There's nothing quite like the smell of it fried to a crisp.

        1. Salumaria and Russo's are high on my list for many shopping trips. I would also recommend Formaggio at both locations. Cambridge has a larger selection but South End is also nice. You tend to think of them immediately for cheese but they also have a good meat selection.

          A few months ago our wine group was tasting Italian wines and we did an antipasto tray from South End Formaggio that was just wonderful.

          1. Purity Cheese @ 55 Endicott in the North End is a favorite, the mini salamis (about 2 1/2-3 inches long) are great.