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Jul 25, 2006 08:58 PM

Tacos Pastor?

Since everyone was so helpful about the boba tea, how about this: I am absolutely dying for a really good tacqueria with really, really good tacos pastor. tortas would be nice too (I was not impressed with Mix-Tec although their tacos were ok). Also, any recommendations for the best salsa in the district? I have tried Alero, Lauriol Plaza, both good but still searching for the perfect salsa...

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  1. If you're willing to venture a bit south on Route 1 in Virginia, Orale (8762 Richmond Highway) does a nice pastor and serves tortas.

    1. My favorite taco al pastor is at La Placita in Riverdale, MD. It is also the best item at the California-inspired Taqueria Poblano in N. Arlington and Del Ray. Available only after 5:30pm.

      1. Oyamel does pretty good al pastor, though they're a little heavy on the pineapple. I also like their salsa.

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          Nobody does better chips and salsa than Oyamel.

        2. Oh yum... Tacqueria Tres Reyes on Kennelworth in Riverdale, MD. Fantastic tacos of stewed pork served with green onion, radish, and lemon on the side.