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Jul 25, 2006 08:50 PM

Caffe Opera & Bistro in Monrovia-Any good?

Drove by this place ( yesterday. It looks cute and well-packed. A perusal of the menu leaves me with the temptation to try it out, but need some hound feedback first.

Caffe Opera & Bistro
402 S. Myrtle Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016

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  1. I like it and have eaten there a couple of times, most recently late last year.

    The seafood pasta was very good when I had it, came with mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and a goodly amount of hot tuscan oil.

    It's a quaint little place, not going to rock your world, but for that part of town I think it's your best bet - certainly beats Restaurant Devon (which has gone downhill of late).

    1. As a local Monrovian, Caffe Opera is... eh. I've been there several times trying to fall in love with it, but the food always leaves me wanting.

      The one thing I do enjoy during lunch is their fish sandwich (if they are still serving it). Sole is delicately grilled and served on some wonderful foccacia, along with great greens and aoli. The sides are homemade potato chips.

      Other than the food, I do like the dining room. It's soaring ceilings and great views of Mytle Ave. feel relaxed and appointed. But the service: pretentious—especially considering the level of food they are serving.

      Boy, do I miss Caffe Citron (formerly on Lemon Ave., Monrovia). Side note: Caffe Citron's Chef Gabriel Morales is now heading up Republic on La Cienega.

      1. Whoa. Gabriel Morales from Monrovia to La Cienega -- that's an upgrade. I enjoyed Republic, despite the hype.

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          Actually, Chef Gabriel Morales was at Balboa and Bliss while running Caffe Citron. A lot of chefs love offering a neighborhood restaurant along with a high profile "name" restaurant.

        2. I used to enjoy Caffe Opera, used to go there a lot to dine with either just my husband or a large group. But the last three or so times I ventured there in hopes of enjoying it again, it was a disaster. The food and the service had plummeted. I truly recommend that you try Amori on Lemon instead. It is superior in every way.