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Jul 25, 2006 08:39 PM

What's new in Pittsburgh?

I haven't been back since December - any new, great restaurants that have opened up since then? Anything good on the ethnic food front? (Any African restaurants to go along with the recent wave of African immigrants to the city?) And just for some extra credit - anything new and good going on in Beaver or Butler county?

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  1. Additionally, are there any good sites for finding Pittsburgh restaurant reviews? The Post-Gazette and City Paper reviews I tend to be fairly boring - revieweing the same-kind of restaurants over and over again. (How many BLTs and Beef Wellingtons can these people take?) Any good food blogs for the city and points West?

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      Abay on Highland Ave. in East Liberty is an Ethiopian restaurant that gets good buzz, though I haven't been there yet.

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        I checked it out maybe last July or so - very tasty, nice space, and the injera was perfect. I was pretty impressed - it was on par with the Ethiopian offerings here in NYC (though apparently Denver and the surrounding area holds the gold standards for Ethiopian cuisine in the US.)

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          I've tried it - it is a nice space but we were with several other people and ordered meat,vegetarian and chicken dishes. IMO they all tasted the same. Not bad just not that interesting. In Beaver Lock 6 Landing has changed hands I have not been there yet but it used to be very good - at least a good place to stop for an outdoor cocktail or to watch a storm.

      2. Oh and Iovino's cafe in Mt Lebanon - newly opened - very good. The scallops with home made pasta were excellent.

        BYOB and very noisy

        See link for review

        1. Have you tried Clifford's in Conequinesing (sp)just NE of Evans City. My favorite W. PA spot! Family run, excellent food and service. You need a reservation to get in and will take up to several weeks if you want a weekend. The crab cakes are the best. Jumbo Lumop meat with no bread filling. Pair that with the pan-sauteed 12 count shrimp and you are in heaven. Clifford's is BYOB with no corkage fee. Be careful of the hot yeast rolls...they are awesome.

          Also, the owners of the small Cafe Richard in the Strip ahve opened Nine on Nine. If it is anything like Cafe Richard, it will be a great experience. I plane to eat there on my next trip to the 'burg.

          Happy eating!

          1. As a huge fan of Ethopian, IMO, Abay is a start, OK for Pittsburgh, but it's not nearly level of Meskerem or others in the DC area. Hopefully someone will do better.

            There's a new Carribean joint called Paradise on Willow St. in Castle Shannon - much different feel than Kaya.

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            1. re: Panini Guy

              Do you know what kind of Caribbean it is (Jamaican, Trini, Haitian, etc.) or is it a kind of pan-Caribbean restaurant?

              1. re: lambretta76

                Pan-Caribbean leaning to Creole. The PG did a review on it here: