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Jul 25, 2006 08:34 PM

Restaurant in North End with no menu? Chef makes to order?

Hi. I've just discovered's great. Wondering if any of you know of a restaurant in the North End that doesn't actually post a menu; rather, the chef comes to your table and asks what you'd like. Sounds fabulous to me...would love to try it. If you know the name, could you please post it? Thanks!

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  1. It's called Dom's. It's on the left side of Salem Street, about a block in from Cross Street.

    I've never been, but know folks that love it.

    They have a website

    1. Thank you!!! Will have to try it one night this week!

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        To be more specific, its generally the owner Dom or more likely these days his son who comes and solicits the orders. They do have a menu, but paring of pastas and sauces is done individually. I have had some good meals there and its a decent place to take a group, but I think there are more interesting options in the North End these days. Years ago they were one of the few restaurants to accept both reservations and plastic, one interesting experience I had was that we started paying cash for our meal and the head waiter said "OH, we can give you a discount if its in cash..." and took 15% or so off the meal. Who knew...

      2. Dom's continues to be a favorite, when I lived in the North End my apartment was litterally next door. It is a massive menu that covers a wide spectrum. I would take a look of it just to get some ideas and let Dom (or Mauricio, but he usually sticks to the kitchen) work out the details with you. I have been there when I have had hankerings from opposite sides of the spectrum (osso bucco and a creamy baked pasta dish) and Dom was able to accompdate me (he gave me a little of both). The portions are huge so don't be shy about 1/2 orders if you have a merely mortal appetite.

        1. Dom's is clearly what you're talking about. However, there are some other restaurants in the North End that, while they may have a posted menu, will make any dishes that you suggest off the menu as well. Pomodoro is probably the most well known of these.

          1. I never cared much for Dom's shtick: having a profusely perspiring stranger sit at my table and try to steer me to my dinner choices. Please, hand me a menu, answer any questions I have, and let me choose. I thought the food was decent the first time I visited (it tilts pretty Italian-American), less so the last time.

            Entrusting my meal to a chef, as at a sushi bar or a chef's tasting, is a different story.