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ISO - Red Velvet Cupcakes!

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I've heard about a few places in the SF/Berkeley area that do cupcakes but I haven't seen any that do Red Velvet. Anyone know of any?

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  1. Love at First Bite in Berkeley.

    Cassandra's in Richmond

    Edit note: made change Morton mentions. Thanks. Didn't want to spread the confusion.

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      Do you mean Love at First Bite in Berkeley?
      Just a Bite makes reheatable Indian food.

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        unfortunately, the red velvet cupcakes at love at first bite are just really awful... the "red hot love" cupcakes are dry and dissapointing. sorry =/

        1. re: fatz

          I had one of the red velvet cupcakes from Love at First Bite at a birthday party last weekend. Yep, it was bad, so dry. And, I never thought I'd say this, but not enough frosting, and I'm someone who usually feels that cupcakes are overfrosted.

          Love At First Bite
          1510 Walnut St, Berkeley, CA

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I bought 5 of their cupcakes for a friend for her birthday last November - the matcha green tea, the classic vanilla, the "lemon kiss" (lemon w/ lemon buttercream), a southern themed cupcake (vanilla? w/ chunks of pineapple, pecans, and some other fruits frosted w/ cream cheese) and a "pretty in pink" (strawberry w/ strawberry buttercream). As you've mentioned all cupcakes were horribly dry EXCEPT the strawberry cupcake which was wonderfully moist with a pronounced strawberry flavor. I would buy them more often if I didn't think it was a crime to charge $3 for a cupcake. Also, is it just me or do their buttercreams seem lighter than usual... They taste more milky to me if that makes sense.

      2. Marita's Sweet Potatoe Pie Company in San Leandro sells red velvet cupcakes.
        600 Dutton Avenue, 510-562-3844

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          marita's sweet potatoe pie co. has fantastic red velvet cupcakes. they are giant softball-sized cupcakes, with thick cream cheese frosting (with pecans or without). they also sell regular red velvet cakes, and great sweet potatoe pie too!

        2. I have no idea of their provenance, but the Starbucks at 44 Montgomery in SF has them.

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            Yup. I was thinking of this thread when I saw them at the Starbucks across from my building (don't know the address, but it's on the south side of Market, between Fremont and First). For a buck eighty-five they're worth trying.

          2. Teacake Bake Shop at Bay Street in Emeryville has red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. In general, I think most things they make are way too sweet, particularly the cookies, but I thought that the cupcakes were ok. Maybe not the best, but far from the worst.

            1. More recent thread with comments on red velvet cupcakes following a recommendation by mmmgarlic.

              1. Kara's Cupcakes does a chocolate velvet cupcake which is the same as a red velvet cupcake minus the red food coloring

                1. There is a stand at the Sunday Farmers Market @ Civic Center that sells really good Red Velvet cupcakes. They come from Sacramento to sell their baked goods, which include sock it to me cupcakes, 7 up cupcakes, german choclate cupcakes. They are REALLY good.

                  1. The ones at Sugar Butter Flower (Sunnyvale and Campbell locations) are very, very good.

                    1. It's a bit far from SF/Berkeley, but Sprinkles in Palo Alto has a delicious red velvet cupcake.

                      Sprinkles Cupcakes
                      393 Stanford Shopping Ctr, Palo Alto, CA

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                      1. re: betterbeheaven

                        I do like the Sprinkles version.

                        Is Kara's on a downhill slide? Do they bake at the Palo Alto location or just bring in from one of their others? Their cupcakes have been smaller and drier than Sprinkles lately, and for the same price (maybe they have always been smaller, but myself and my wife didn't seem to notice before). They were never my favorite, but some flavors were very good and quite well done. Last two visits have been meh.

                        1. re: P. Punko

                          I think they do bake at Palo Alto - they at least frost there, because once went in to get one for my son, and they were still working on making the mini ones they said.

                          My 5 year old liked them - but I don't know that you want to take his opinion - he isn't too picky. I haven't had them.

                        2. re: betterbeheaven

                          Sprinkles currently has a "red hot" version of their red velvet made with cinnamon, which I actually prefer over their regular red velvet (and I do enjoy their red velvet). I think it's only for Valentine's Day, so cinnamon lovers may want to race over and give it a shot. The spicy aftertaste makes me think of Big Red or Hot Tamales (sounds gross, I know, but it's actually very good).

                          1. re: alina555

                            Yep, Sprinkles does a pretty good red velvet.

                        3. I got one at The Pasta Shop on 4th St. (Berkeley) this weekend. It was moist and had a large pile of cream cheese frosting. I enjoyed it and I'm not usually a fan of purchased cupcakes.

                          1. Cups and Cakes Bakery. Great red velvet. The baker is a doll (does the baking out of her apt!)


                            1. Need to order for pick up or get delivery, but Sibby's cupcakes are all wonderful. We had the red velvet last year for my Husband's 31st and people loved them. (Including some Southerners.)

                              On another note, they catered the cupcakes for my wedding...people are still talking a year and a half later.


                              Sibby's Cupcakery
                              716 S Railroad Ave, San Mateo, CA

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                                Yea, I would say the best three cupcake places in the bay area are: Sibbys, Karas, and Sprinkles, in no particular order. Because they're some of the biggest they also have very high standards for quality control, which is critical in the food business since there are often so many problems with inconsistency, hygiene, etc.

                              2. i know this sounds crazy, but I recently had the most delicious Red Velvet Cupcake at Starbucks! I was super surprised because usually, I don't like the baked goods from their, but I tried it and it was really good. I have seen them at the Potrero location as well as the one on in the Outer Richmond.