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Jul 25, 2006 08:18 PM

Best on Belden? Plouf?

We are taking a friend to Belden Alley tonight because we think he will like the atmosphere there. We've never eaten there. I've heard Plouf is good, but I know there are a handful of other spots there as well. They all kinda look the same. Does anyone have a favorite?

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  1. I like B44 best.

    Plouf I like for moules-frites. Other stuff's kind of expensive.

    1. I like the mussels and frites at Plouf, but find their crammed seating distracting and annoying. Sitting outside, you'll find that you're literally 2-3 inches from the person sitting at the next table.

      Inside seating is slightly roomier, particularly if you can get the table by the fireplace.

      I haven't eaten at any of the other restaurants on Belden.

      1. I also like B44 the best. Plouf has several preparations of moules-frites, I remember one (I think it was the Mariniere) was better than two others I tried. I've also eaten at Cafe Tiramisu and Cafe Bastille but prefer B44 to them.

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          Mariniere is my favorite, basic garlic and white wine. The one with bacon and cream is also good.

        2. Plouf for mussels and pomme frites. B44 is lots of fun, paella, small plates.

          1. I used to think Plouf was good, but not anymore. I think I posted a recent visit review two weeks back. I do like that alley's vibe, I might give one of the other restaurant a try instead.