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Jul 25, 2006 08:15 PM

La Taza de Cafe recently?

Its recently relocated to Grand Ave in Oakland and I have been tempted to try it. Was curious if anyone has ventured inside for a bite.

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  1. Was there for brunch a few weeks ago, but not dinner. I can say the brunch is one of the most interesting I've had here in the bay area, and also one of the most easily accessible. Some friends have had dinner there and said it was delicious. If you go, make sure to sit out on the patio.

    1. I've been there to eat and to perform! I've only had small plates but have been pretty happy with it. Last time I had plantanos maduros (which is pretty hard to mess up) and churrasco y papa criolla (the chimichurri was good although the steak for more cooked than I like). My friend had the tinga, which was defnitely better and very flavorful. However, my drink, the Sake a Santiago, was excellent!