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Jul 25, 2006 07:59 PM

Chinese Veg Restaurants in Philly

Out of curiosity for those of you who frequent any/all of the vegan Chinese restaurants clustered in Chinatown -- which is your favorite:

Cherry Street
Kingdom of Vegetarians

It seems like the veg community is divided fairly equally into camps on this front, so I'm interested to hear what you Chowhounders think. For me, my hands-down favorite is Cherry Street. The food is always excellent -- I dream about their house special wonton soup especially. The atmosphere is cozy, and the service is always friendly.

Less than friendly service dining late one night at Harmony (if you don't want to be open late, then change your hours!!) turned me off of them a bit, and less than consistent dishes. Loved Kindom of Vegetarians the first time we went, but on the second visit the restaurant seemed a little less than clean... Found Singapore's food to be very bland on our one visit.

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  1. I have some Hindi friends that I turned onto Rangoon and now they swear by it. Though not completely vegetarian it has more interesting vegetarian options than many places they've tried around the city.

    I don't know how many of its dishes would be considered vegan.

    1. Of those, I like New Harmony for take-out (especially the dim sum platters) and Cherry Street for big group dinners. I also really like the new Su Xing House (or something like that) at 15th and Sansom. I really like the mock shrimp (called 'stuffed tofu skin rolls or something) and the seitan steak. They use excellent spicy peppers that have actual flavor, not just heat. Thank you.

      1. I was wondering the same and hope to check out the places you mentioned. A couple of weeks ago I had a Saturday lunch at New Harmony. The food was earnest and OK. A noodle seafood dish was pretty good but the broccoli with garlic was sweet. The service, however, was good, and the people very friendly. The worst part was a large party talking and yukking it up very loudly. After they left, things were much better.

        1. don't go to kingdom, it is crap. the vegetarian menu at golden empress is awesome, and you can go with meat eaters...

          1. I went to Su Xing House the week it opened and my food was terrible. All the dishes we ordered were mushy, chewy and inedible. We joked and said it was the worst meal ever. Has it really improved?
            Is the food no longer grey and slimy?
            The iced teas we ordered were obnoxiously sweet. Have they improved?