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12th Anniversary Suggestions for late August?

RickFromNYC Jul 25, 2006 07:53 PM

Greetings, all...

We are two ex-New Yorkers, currently settled in San Francisco, and coming back to New York to explore some Graduate School opportunities.

I would really love some suggestions for a nice dinner place -- one that combines a romantic ambience with good food. Price, dare I say it is not much of an issue.

Any suggestions? I have been combing through the Boards and just getting confused.

Many thanks!


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    ChrisZ RE: RickFromNYC Jul 25, 2006 07:56 PM


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      RickFromNYC RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 05:29 AM

      I checked out their truly lovely website, but fear that we as non-drinkers (due to health and medication issues) may be a bit out of place. C'est vrai?

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      1. re: RickFromNYC
        ChrisZ RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 01:13 PM

        No, I do not think you would be out of place. No more so than at any other restaurant in NYC. The service at Cru is very professional

      2. streamwise RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 09:00 AM

        I would second the Cru recommendation, and also suggest Bouley, Eleven Madison Park, Jean-Georges, or Le Bernardin. Avoid 'One if by land..'...its not really in the same ballpark in terms of food. Really, drinking or not-drinking is not a problem at any good restaurant. Some will even pair non-alcoholic drinks with your meal if you like (I've seen this done at Aquavit).

        1. m
          manic2 RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 10:48 AM

          My favorite...my wife and I celebrate most big occasions at Chanterelle... Beautiful small restaurant with fantastic food...romantic and elegant.. Trust me on this one....

          1. ellenost RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 01:15 PM

            I would recommend Aureole, Bouley, Danube or Eleven Madison Park. I've always had great meals (food/service/ambience) at each of these restaurants. They're all similar pricewise. I've never felt out of place not ordering wine at any of the restaurants. Enjoy!

            1. tupac17616 RE: RickFromNYC Jul 26, 2006 01:51 PM

              Definitely Bouley

              1. tamasha RE: RickFromNYC Aug 2, 2006 03:44 AM

                Well. If price is REALLY not an issue, what about Per Se or Cafe Gray?

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