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Jul 25, 2006 07:46 PM

Buffalo-Rochester-Finger Lakes - where to stop for a bite...

Will be travelling from Toronto to the FingerLakes during the first week in August - likely via Buffalo and Rochester (I think ending up around Canandaigua area)...would love suggestions for some yummy travellin' food - nothing fancy, just fresh, tasty, slightly-bad-for-you-cause-you' know the grub of which I speak...any roadside diners? Mom and Pop places? We like all kinds of food, provided it tastes great...


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  1. At your journey's end in Canandaigua is a wonderful little Mexican restaurant, El Rincon Mexicano. Even the rice and beans are fantastic. Spend an afternoon drinking beer and eating their green sauce.

    1. Ted's Hot Dogs on Sheridan Drive is always a good meal - chargrilled hot dogs, fresh curly Q fries. Anderson's Custard is right across the street for dessert. If you're interested in wings you can always go to the Anchor Bar downtown but that might be a little out of your way. Duff's is very close to the Millersport South exit off the 290 and they've got great wings. If you want more specific directions let me know.

      1. Once in Canadaigua, you should definitely stop at the new Wine & Cultery Center on Main Street acros from MacGregors by the water. Another place that's not big on appearance, but EXCELLENT food is a little known place called Eric's Office. Again, it's right off the main street, but before you hit downtown. You will come to a traffic light with a TOPS store on the right-hand side...make a left and it's less than a minute down on the left-hand side. Enjoy!

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          thanks for the advice so far..I am taking notes and getting hungry!! Eating always seems to be the high point of my vacations..and I'm a sucker for eating in the USA (going to Wegman's is always fun too!)

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            Then you'll be pleased to know that there is a Wegmann's in Canadaigua too...and I think it is a superstore!

        2. canadaigua - thendara inn has two restaurants with lake views. one is casual and directly on the water with typical burgers, wraps - not fancy but great for the view.

          if you exit in rochester on 490 near victor, there is a cafe called cole and parks with great coffee, sandwichs, and light meals. really yummy cookies.