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Jul 25, 2006 07:38 PM

New Paltz?? Looking for recommendations.

My wife and myself will in the New Paltz area this weekend, so I am looking for some recommendations. We might be joined for dinner by another couple. I don't want anything fancy, but would appreciate good food. Nothing exotic, something simple.


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  1. Boy, do I have the place for you. I always stop here for dinner if I go hiking at Mohonk or in the Gunks.
    I'm unsure of the address, but the name of the restaurant is Bacchus. It's got one of the widest varieties of international beer (if you're into that).
    The food (American, along with some Mexican specialties) is always fresh. We've never been disappointed with an entree. We get basic food. Make sure to ask for the "After hours" menu because some of their best food is on there: Their margerita pizza is made with the freshest ingredients: vine tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and mozzarella - amazing. My boyfriend always gets the tacos (chicken and beef - he loves them), and we've gone with guests who have tried barbecue quesadillas (very good). We've tried a variety of appetizers too. One of out favorites is fresh pita bread with a crab, artichoke, spinach dip. They have some fancier fish dishes which I'm sure are amazing, but we haven't had a chance to try them yet. We have never been disappointed.

    The setting is basic but very comfortable (loud, but not too loud). There is an upstairs that's dark and more private.

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      weird, i never had a good meal there. even at 11 or 12 when i'm out on the town. hmmmm, try beso across the street.

    2. As a recent New Paltz resident (4 years of school), I think you can do better than Bacchus. It's not bad for bar food, and it's my favorite place in town to get a pint of Newcastle, but they have gone way downhill in my opinion since I first started going there.

      A much better option would be Gadeleto's seafood restaurant about halfway between the school and the thruway. Excellent fish and seafood with a variety of preparations, very nice room,and reasonably priced.

      I have to admit that my favorite meal in town, though, is the turkey club with french fries at the College Diner just east of the thruway.

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      1. re: Lono37

        Gadelato's WAS a good it terrible the service is clueless and the food bad...when John Vargo was there it was outstanding...hasn't been the same since.

        1. re: BudNP

          vargo opened a place up near saranac ny. meat-n-great. here its great with mini golf and a pantry customers can utilize. Urs Reist from the swiss country inn is behind the stoves at Johns old restaurant and i hear it has gotten much much better.

      2. locust tree
        215 huguenot st
        845 255 7888
        menu online

        1. Always liked the Gilded Otter.
          Good microbrews and good food.
          Have actually driven up from Brooklyn for a late lunch early dinner.

          1. Locust Tree is a great place if you're looking for a really nice dinner experience. (ie- not cheap)

            I, too, like the Gilded Otter. I know some bash it but, IMO, it is what it is... a brew pub. I've never had a bad food experience there and the beers, especially the seasonal ones, are always tasty!