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Jul 25, 2006 07:33 PM


I will be in the New Orleans area next week and planning to visit some of the plantations. Any good places to eat, especially Cajun? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Which plantations? The area between NO and BR is rather large and surprisingly spread out. Oak Alley plantation has a restaurant on site again (double-check on the post-K status of that), and I always send people to Hymel's Restaurant in Convent (just upriver from the Sunshine bridge, on River Road, eastbank of the river). Hymel's is a really old-fashioned place with good seafood (boiled crabs and the like) as well as some other traditional favorites. Very, very casual and unpretentious.

    1. Is Lafitte's Landing in Donaldsonville still around? That was always my favorite when I was on the plantation circuit.

      1. Lafitte's Landing burned down a more than a few years ago.

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          Yes, but they reopened in a new location after the fire.

          I have since done a little research. They are now part of a B&B in Donaldsonville and are open only for guests of the inn and private parties.

        2. Well, technically, Lafitte's Landing didn't reopen. It moved to Bittersweet Plantation ("Lafitte's Landing at Bittersweet Plantation" then for a while just billed as "Bittersweet Plantation"), where it was indeed open to the public for several years as a restaurant. A while back, Chef Folse closed the public-restaurant portion to focus on his base of operations into Baton Rouge, where he sells packaged foods at his store, operates a catering facility at White Oak Plantation, has a cheesemaking operation, cultivates an olive grove (in Donaldsonville), and TV series, etc. You can get the whole schmear at The cheeses & yogurt are very good, but he sells lots of stuff, including roux-in-a-jar.

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            Interesting. Any idea if the food at Bittersweet Plantation is as good as it used to be at Lafitte's?

          2. When it was still open to the public for dinner, I was hearing good things. Haven't talked to anyone who's dined since it went "private".