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Jul 25, 2006 07:32 PM

farmstands and lunch on Long Island? [Moved from Outer Boroughs Board]

I'm taking a leisurely driving trip out on Long Island on Saturday (never been out there before) and I'm looking for good farm stands and casual outdoor lobster/clam places. Any suggestions?

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  1. How far out are you going? You have to go a very long ways from NYC to see farms these days (and they're mostly all vinyards now anyway). It's pretty much solid suburbs for 80-90 miles or so.

    I'm sure there are some casual seafood options further out, but one that's closer in to the city is Jordan's Lobster Dock in Island Park (just across the bridge from Long Beach -- see their website for directions). You can dine outdoors with a view of the bay.

    1. Coincidently, Newsday just had an article listing farmstands.

      As Woodside Al said, Jordan's is a good choice. There also are 3 places in Point Lookout (just over the bridge from Jordans), where the Doxsee Clam Company is & they sell their clams). There are many places on the south shore down by the water, near the Fire Island Ferries. Also the Babylon Clamhouse (great stop after a day at Robert Moses). Nost north shore/gold coast resturants are not "clam houses" & are pricey. Just look for any main street off of Montuak Highway, take it south and 9 out of 10 times you will find a "fish joint". Also ask the locals.

      Also check out have a lot of listings & maps.

      Have is a great ride.

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        What can you tell us about Doxsee's Point Lookout location. I used to buy their stuff at the Union Square Greenmarket,is that a retail location? They don't sell cooked food or have a raw bar there, do they?

      2. You have to decide how far you want to drive and if you want to stay on the south shore/south fork or north shore/north fork. The North Fork from about Wading River east to Orient Point is more rural and has more farmstands with better prices and a larger number of wineries if you are interested in that. Farmstands: Harbes on Sound Ave, Jamesport, Bayview Farms on Rt 25 Aquabogue, Sep's Main Rd, East Marion, Schmitt's, Rt24, Laurel. There are so many farmstands from large to tiny it's hard to remember the name of them all. If I were you I would go to the North Fork and make a loop, going out via Sound Ave and return via Rt 25(Main Road).

        When you ask about outdoor clam/lobster places do you mean on the water or just outdoor dining? There is a fish store in Riverhead on West Main Street with outdoor dining and fresh fish/shellfish well prepared. Jerry/Mermaid in Riverhead has outdoor tables, river view. Seafood Barge in Southold has excellent seafood, waterviews, pricey. For more waterfront maybe someone others can advise, I'd like to know also.

        1. if you are going as far as Greenport (on the North Fork) then the place to eat is Claudio's dock--although they also have a sit down restaurant. They actually have two docks, one a more casual lobster roll type of place and the other more of a bar. Can't beat the view right on the water, and the lobster roll (as I remember it) is excellent! We usually go in the fall and make a loop hitting the wineries and farm stands.

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            Full disclosure - I worked at Claudios in the past for two seasons. The lobster roll at Crabby Jerry's (the more casual of the two docks, if that is possible) is $15.95 and, I think, a bit overpriced. I took my wife there this past weekend for her first lobster roll and it looked pretty small to me. So if I knew all that, why did I let us eat there? Simply because we were in Greenport and the view from the dock is pretty nice. If I were to pick a casual outdoor place to eat in Greenport all over again (and this might be outside the scope of clam and lobster places, and if it is I apologize), it would be Salamander's in Greenport. Good lemonade and good broasted chicken. It has little deck to eat out on (though not on the water) and a view of wine bar across the street that must of just opened recently.

            As for farm stands on the North Fork, I gotta give props to Sang Lee (located on the North Road). I ate the bagged organic greens and baby spinach every week for two years and miss it a bunch.

            1. re: AmityGuy1

              If you want to go all the way, I just had a lobster roll at Orient by the Sea and was pleasantly surprised, as I know the chef is no longer with us. The lobster salad was as good as I've had, although the bun was not toasted. The view is as good, if not better, than Claudios (and definitely more mellow crowd)
              Sang Lee is great if you have wads of cash (and I love their mesclun with the flower petals), but my favorite farm is Rottkamps in Baiting Hollow, I have to say they have the best tomatoes and corn. But also stop just before that on Sound Ave at Davis Peach Farm, Wading River, and pick up a bushel of the best peaches ever for about $5. Enough to share with everyone you know!

          2. The original comment has been removed