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Where can I get a good Chile Relleno?

I love an authentic Chile Rellano, but it seems that the only version I can find at any restaurant is the overly eggy chile mess. Most versions look more like an omlete than a proper rellano. Any recommendations?

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  1. I adore the rellenos at Casablanca, corner of Lincoln and Rose in Venice. Handmade tortillas are always a hit too!

    1. El Abejeno in Culver City has one. I havn't tried it but for years a friend would get it every time in the form of a Chili Relleno Burito with rice and beans.

      I have been tempted but never got past the Carnitas.

      1. I'm so glad you asked! My favorite is the chile relleno vegiterano at La Cabanita on Verdugo Rd. in Montrose. This is authentic: a fresh roasted chile poblano, NOT dipped in thick egg batter. It's stuffed with calabacitas,(small diced zuccini, corn in a mild creamy sauce. I am not a vegitarian! A friend insisted I taste this and now I order it whenever I go back..alongside a chicken enchilada in excellent mole sauce. I no longer work on that side of town so I have to drive 40 miles to enjoy this. Its worth the trip. It seems to me that L.A. Mag. listed this place amoung the top 10 (20??) places to eat in L.A. under $10. Well since then its gotten a little crowded and the prices are rising. But the food is definite Chowhound territory.

        La Cabanita
        3447 North Verdugo Road
        Montrose, CA 91208


        1. I almost hate to say it, but I must, the Best Chile Relleno I've had in a VERY long time was at Jar's Monday Mozerella Night earlier this month. They even did the fluffy egg batter PERFECT!

          Other than that, I like the ones from Ana Maria's in Grand Central Market, especially in a burrito! :)


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            I absolutely agree. If it's the same thing I had it was in a garlicky tomato sauce that complimented the pepper and made for some very complex and wonderful tastes. Not traditional but unbelievably good. The best thing we had at an all around great experience at MM.

            On the complete opposite end of the spectrum I've always been partial to the Chile Relleno Burito at Burito King. It's a harsh attack on your stomach but every once in a while I crave it.

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              Exactly the same thing. It SOOOO reminded me of the one my mom makes. It was kinda a shock finding it there (We ordered it on the whim) but I was SO glad we did...


          2. Don't know how much help I'm gonna be here, since I *DEMAND* that my chiles rellenos be an "eggy mess"...and I also require that they be stuffed with cheese, and ONLY cheese. That said, Tonny's, on Orange Grove at Lake in Pasadena, has one of the best and cheapest I've had here. I missed my chance to try the one at La Fiesta Grande the other night, but I remember also liking the one I had at La Nueva Posada (on Foothill), and at Lupita's (Sierra Madre and Colorado), both also in Pasadena.

            The best in my LIFE was a reheated one, made with a freshly-roasted pepper stuffed with Cotija...but it was from a Mexican friend's mom! Sorry...

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            1. Carrillo's on Sherman Way in Canoga Park makes an great relleno.

              Almost as good as Christie's in Yuma, but that's another post on another board.

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                I also feel Carrillo's on Sherman Way does a great relleno.
                If in Sherman Oaks, Senor Fred on Ventura near Woodman does a poblano goat cheese relleno that accompanies the lamb shank entree that is fabulous. You can get it a la carte, or with a combo if so desired, as Mike, the owner, accommodates special requests.

              2. I love the Chili Relleno at Los Toros in Chatsworth. In fact, because many restaurants do such a poor job at it, I don't think I ever fully appreciated it until I ate the one at Los Toros!

                1. Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen in Orange. If you are looking for places in Orange County I can tell you a few more places to try.

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                    I tried Gabbi's today. The relleno was decent, but not great. Probably would have been better had it not arrived lukewarm. Other than that, we tried the carnitas, black bean refries and both kinds of rice. All were bland and overpriced. Seriously, the worst carnitas, beans and rice I've had in a long, long time. And although the salsas tasted fresh, they too were lacking in punch. Maybe they are just going for the extremely subtle flavors, but it was sure lost on me. The corn tortillas were good, though. A better bet for that style of food would be Taco Mesa.

                    1. re: Grubber

                      Went to Gabbi's about a week ago. I also was disappointed. Our food was served lukewarm as was yours. Imo, nice place to have an after work cocktail, but pass on the chow.
                      No comparison to taco mesa.

                  2. I know this place provokes mixed feelings on this board, but...not too long ago I was hung over...and was in the Farmer's Market...and didn't want a deshebrada burrito...and so ordered La Loteria's chile relleno.

                    I thought it was completely amazing, maybe the best thing they make. And I love most of what they make. (Haven't tried the supposedly disappointing chilaquiles).

                    1. I know I'm going to get smacked for this one...

                      ...but the best chiles rellenos in town are either at La Cabanita, as Cecilia said...

                      (small voice)

                      ...or at Rockin' Baja Cantina on Harbor Blvd. in Fullerton which is one of those God-awful chain-type places that turns into a crappy club at 10 PM but has these amazing chiles rellenos that make me go back even though I lose a foodie point every time I do...

                      1. I haven't been there in ages, but I remember liking the chili rellenos at La Cabana on Rose just west of Lincoln -- same owners as Casablanca listed above (or they used to be). For packaged ones, the Cooportunity on Broadway near 16th Street in Santa Monica sometimes has really good ones, made fresh by Renee's Kitchen...but they sell out and only come in once a week, so best to call first (you don't have to be a member to shop at this coop). These ones are anaheim chilis, and are light/fluffy egg batter, stuffed only with cheese.

                        1. It depends upon what you mean by chiles rellenos. There are at least 5 different kinds listed in my Mexican cookbook.

                          If what you are looking for is a non-breaded, chile stuffed with a somewhat sweet, meat filling (picadillo is common), I'd highly recommend Babita in San Gabriel or La Cabanita in Glendale/Montrose. At Babita this winter, I had the best stuffed peppers I've ever eaten; it was the classic Chiles en Nogada, and it was perfectly prepared. Regardless of season, the rellenos at La Cabanita are delicious.

                          If what you are looking for are egg-dipped, lightly fried, cheese-stuffed chiles, served in a ranchero salsa, I'd recommend Tia Juana, on Olympic just east of Bundy. This is the best example of a "chile relleno" in the California/Mexican "old school" style I've ever had in So. Cal.

                          Babita Mexicuisine
                          1823 S San Gabriel Blvd
                          San Gabriel, CA 91776

                          La Cabanita
                          3447 N Verdugo Rd
                          Glendale, CA 91208-1520
                          (818) 957-2711

                          Tia Juana
                          11785 W Olympic Blvd
                          Los Angeles, CA 90064-1211
                          (310) 473-9293

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                          1. re: DanaB

                            Chiles en Nogada is the Chile Relleno turned into art form. It's a classic example of the elevation of the cuisine (Positive or not) and that 'national dish'. I agree, out of Mexico City (Where it is from), it's best at Babita.


                            1. re: Dommy

                              I prefer La Casita Mexicana in Bell for chiles en nogada.

                            2. re: DanaB

                              thank you for your informative post. i have had the picadillo rellano and it has it place. i was spoiled a long time ago when i worked at the dreaded home depot. i worked the early morning garden shift and a freind of mine worked early morning maintenance. he was a gentleman of mexican heritage and he went to mexico to find himself a wife. she would get up every morning at 3am and make him lunch. one day he gave me a chile rellano made from a simple poblano stuffed with cheese with homemade corn tortillas. it was transcendent. the rellano was dipped in egg and fried, but only dipped, so there was a thin egg venner. it was the best chile rellano i have ever had.

                              this is the creature i am looking for. thank you for the assitance in my quest.

                              1. re: DanaB

                                Tia Juana - concur. A wonderful relleno - some egg but not overpowering.

                              2. I love chile rellenos. I suppose you are looking for a sit down restaurant type place but my favorite came from a guy rolling a shopping cart down my street in Koreatown. They were a dollar a pop, filled with meat and very lightly battered. Some of the chiles were mildly spicy and others would take your head off. No sauce, just a couple of slices of mild white onion and maybe a bit of parsley. YUM!!! I'm sure he got them from some local restaurant [he also sold pretty good tamales so I don't think they were being made in his house] but I was never able to figure out where it was.

                                Alas! He no longer stops by our house [he actually used to stand under our window and yell "CHILE RELLANOS!" and wait for the elder pup to run downstairs with the money]. My husband thinks he saw him driving a very nice new truck so we suppose that he made what he needed with his extra job and has moved on to bigger and better things. But I really miss his chili rellanos---all the other vendors are just selling tamales and the occassional pupusa [which doesn't work as well as a CR or tamale as a take-out food.].

                                I have seen vendors on Beverly in front of Guatemalteca Bakery selling what looked like very tasty chili rellanos but we were on our way to Mongolica and I couldn't stop to try them.

                                1. Just to throw in another option, the chile relleƱo at Antequera de Oaxaca on Melrose down the block from La Buca is amazing, lightly egged with a delicious chicken concoction inside, and ever so slightly spicy.

                                  1. Border Grill's chile relleno is pretty tasty. For a description & address check this link to The LA Weekly's recent list of 99 restaurants, in alphabetical order.


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                                      thanks for the tip. i read the review and its seems perfect.

                                    2. Love the chile relleno at Taco Loco in Canoga Park...south of Sherman Way on Owensmouth. Also delicious as a burrito.

                                      1. Enrique's in Long Beach offers a chile relleno that's nothing but: a fire-roasted poblano stuffed with-- get ready-- blue cheese. My blue-cheese-loving SigO eats them up with gusto. I have to be in the mood for blue cheese-- doesn't happen often-- but they're quite tasty when I am.

                                        I like the egg-battered variety, and I'm a sucker for the messy, cheesy, orgasmic offerings at Baja Sonora in east LB (what can I say? I'm a neighborhood boy). It's fast food, sure, but it's Cal-Mex authentic and damn good.

                                        1. I like Gabbi's and Taco Mesa (I'm even more of a Taco Rosa guy; I go at least once or twice a month and, yes, they have great chile rellenos there). Gabbi's was on my mind more since I went a couple times right after they opened very recently. Had an excellent fish dish there the second time and a good zucchini enchilada the first time. Each time I went was with a different group of people but each time we got the tropical quesadilla as an appetizer and everyone loved it including one person who said it was the best quesadilla she's ever had. Sorry about anyone having a bad experience there.

                                          1. Ana Maria's at Grand Central Market have good chile rellenos. They are huge and tasty, egg battered, and make for a good burrito.

                                            1. I had a great chicken-filled chile relleno at La Morenita Oaxaquena on Third. The sauce was incendiary, made my eyes water, but in a really good way. Perfect with the cool slices of avocado they serve with it. See full report below:

                                              1. On the Westside, I love the chile rellenos at Juquilla on Santa Monica near Brockton (next to La Saigon). Not too eggy. Great mole negro and mole rojo tambien. Huge portions and cheap.

                                                1. I found a gem today. It's called Guelaguetza, It's an Oaxacan place at 3337 West 8th St in Los Angeles. They have a Chile Relleno de Picadillo, two fresh chiles stuffed with chopped chicken, raisin and nuts. Battered and fried, covered with spicy tomato sauce. Served with rice and beans.

                                                  They also have several different kinds of mole, tamales, and a several other very unique dishes. With live music on some nights!


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                                                  1. re: mattyshack

                                                    Never had their chile relleno. If you do a search here you'll find it's been reviewed a few times (love their tamal oaxquenno).

                                                  2. Thanks all. So I went (finally) to La Cabinita last night and the traditional Chile Rellano is to die for. So good. No egg omlet bs in this joint.

                                                    1. Mmmm. Love chiles relleno in all forms.

                                                      The chiles en nogada at Babita's is to die for -- and I haven't been out there for at least 3 years, better go soon.

                                                      Will have to try Juquila -- we just ate there for the first time a couple weeks ago.