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Jul 25, 2006 07:25 PM

Where can I get a good Chile Relleno?

I love an authentic Chile Rellano, but it seems that the only version I can find at any restaurant is the overly eggy chile mess. Most versions look more like an omlete than a proper rellano. Any recommendations?

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  1. I adore the rellenos at Casablanca, corner of Lincoln and Rose in Venice. Handmade tortillas are always a hit too!

    1. El Abejeno in Culver City has one. I havn't tried it but for years a friend would get it every time in the form of a Chili Relleno Burito with rice and beans.

      I have been tempted but never got past the Carnitas.

      1. I'm so glad you asked! My favorite is the chile relleno vegiterano at La Cabanita on Verdugo Rd. in Montrose. This is authentic: a fresh roasted chile poblano, NOT dipped in thick egg batter. It's stuffed with calabacitas,(small diced zuccini, corn in a mild creamy sauce. I am not a vegitarian! A friend insisted I taste this and now I order it whenever I go back..alongside a chicken enchilada in excellent mole sauce. I no longer work on that side of town so I have to drive 40 miles to enjoy this. Its worth the trip. It seems to me that L.A. Mag. listed this place amoung the top 10 (20??) places to eat in L.A. under $10. Well since then its gotten a little crowded and the prices are rising. But the food is definite Chowhound territory.

        La Cabanita
        3447 North Verdugo Road
        Montrose, CA 91208


        1. I almost hate to say it, but I must, the Best Chile Relleno I've had in a VERY long time was at Jar's Monday Mozerella Night earlier this month. They even did the fluffy egg batter PERFECT!

          Other than that, I like the ones from Ana Maria's in Grand Central Market, especially in a burrito! :)


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            I absolutely agree. If it's the same thing I had it was in a garlicky tomato sauce that complimented the pepper and made for some very complex and wonderful tastes. Not traditional but unbelievably good. The best thing we had at an all around great experience at MM.

            On the complete opposite end of the spectrum I've always been partial to the Chile Relleno Burito at Burito King. It's a harsh attack on your stomach but every once in a while I crave it.

            1. re: njr

              Exactly the same thing. It SOOOO reminded me of the one my mom makes. It was kinda a shock finding it there (We ordered it on the whim) but I was SO glad we did...


          2. Don't know how much help I'm gonna be here, since I *DEMAND* that my chiles rellenos be an "eggy mess"...and I also require that they be stuffed with cheese, and ONLY cheese. That said, Tonny's, on Orange Grove at Lake in Pasadena, has one of the best and cheapest I've had here. I missed my chance to try the one at La Fiesta Grande the other night, but I remember also liking the one I had at La Nueva Posada (on Foothill), and at Lupita's (Sierra Madre and Colorado), both also in Pasadena.

            The best in my LIFE was a reheated one, made with a freshly-roasted pepper stuffed with Cotija...but it was from a Mexican friend's mom! Sorry...

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