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What to do with Extra-Firm Tofu?

My girlfriend bought be a block of extra-firm tofu to try to help with my recent dieting - I suppose it will be a change of pace from chicken, egg whites, and brown rice...but I'm not sure what the hell to do with it.

It's "extra firm", so do I have to press the moisture out like I've seen in other recipes? I was going to just slice it, marinate it in a little soy sauce and mirin, and toss the piece on my grill with a litle hickory smoke.

Any good recipes?

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  1. You can add it to any stir fry to in lieu of (or in addition to) meat. You can do a quick veggie stir fry and add the tofu in for texture and protein.

    You can also do stuffed tofu. Cut a slit inside of the tofu and place a mixture of ground pork (or you might want ground chicken/turkey) and pan fry until all sides are lightly browned (in a non stick fry pan). The ground pork/chicken/turkey can be flavored with rice wine, soy sauce, minced shitake, minced green onion, and a dash of sesame oil.

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      To clarify on the stuffed tofu idea (pretty neat idea BTW), you'd want to saute (and season) that ground pork or chicken etc. prior to stuffing the tofu.

    2. I recently discovered baked tofu and absolutely love it!
      To eat as is or add to grain salads etc. Well worth it.
      You can of course grill it. There's a huge variety of ways to cook with it. You'll have fun discovering them!

      1. I love "seared tofu" I slice it very thin, dry it off, and put it in a hot pan until brown. I love the flavor, whereas I don't eat just plain tofu much. You can marinate or not. We make tofu "fries" like this, which my kids love (and they are picky eaters). Dip it in a dip of pureed peas and carmelized onions, it is a healthy and flavorful treat.

        1. Marinated and grilled tofu is very good.

          Slice into 1/2" slices. (I press it in paper towels just a bit to get some of the excess water out. Not too hard, though -- it can crumble on you.) Marinate in teriyaki, garlic and ginger. Grill or sautee. Very tasty.

            1. Not very healthy but really tasty. I drain water most of the water out of the tofu. Slice in thin slices and dredge in tempura flour. Then in egg wash and then in Panko. Deep fry. Serve with grated daikon, ginger, nori and tempura sauce. Very tasty side dish.

              1. I do something similiar to what mochi mochi does; but I just dredge in flour and use just a bit of oil to crisp it up on both sides.
                Dip in grated daikon and ponzu.

                1. make some japanese food with it:

                  sukiyaki, miso soup, shabu shabu(easiest).

                  or you can make mabo tofu.

                  1. yes, drain/press out the moisture. Make scrambled tofu! After draining, mash it up with cumin, turmeric, or any of your favorite herbs/spices. Heat a little bit of olive oil in a skillet on med high heat and then add the tofu. As soon as it's heated through, it's ready to eat, but I like to cook it until it's golden. I also like to saute garlic and/or onion and/or bell peppers with this, which you'd want to do before adding the tofu. Good luck!