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Jul 25, 2006 07:03 PM

What to do with Extra-Firm Tofu?

My girlfriend bought be a block of extra-firm tofu to try to help with my recent dieting - I suppose it will be a change of pace from chicken, egg whites, and brown rice...but I'm not sure what the hell to do with it.

It's "extra firm", so do I have to press the moisture out like I've seen in other recipes? I was going to just slice it, marinate it in a little soy sauce and mirin, and toss the piece on my grill with a litle hickory smoke.

Any good recipes?

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  1. You can add it to any stir fry to in lieu of (or in addition to) meat. You can do a quick veggie stir fry and add the tofu in for texture and protein.

    You can also do stuffed tofu. Cut a slit inside of the tofu and place a mixture of ground pork (or you might want ground chicken/turkey) and pan fry until all sides are lightly browned (in a non stick fry pan). The ground pork/chicken/turkey can be flavored with rice wine, soy sauce, minced shitake, minced green onion, and a dash of sesame oil.

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      To clarify on the stuffed tofu idea (pretty neat idea BTW), you'd want to saute (and season) that ground pork or chicken etc. prior to stuffing the tofu.

    2. I recently discovered baked tofu and absolutely love it!
      To eat as is or add to grain salads etc. Well worth it.
      You can of course grill it. There's a huge variety of ways to cook with it. You'll have fun discovering them!

      1. I love "seared tofu" I slice it very thin, dry it off, and put it in a hot pan until brown. I love the flavor, whereas I don't eat just plain tofu much. You can marinate or not. We make tofu "fries" like this, which my kids love (and they are picky eaters). Dip it in a dip of pureed peas and carmelized onions, it is a healthy and flavorful treat.

        1. Marinated and grilled tofu is very good.

          Slice into 1/2" slices. (I press it in paper towels just a bit to get some of the excess water out. Not too hard, though -- it can crumble on you.) Marinate in teriyaki, garlic and ginger. Grill or sautee. Very tasty.