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Jul 25, 2006 06:31 PM

San Miguel de Allende

I'm going to San Miguel de Allende in August for cooking lessons and would love any recommendations for restaurants in the area. We already have plans to go to Tio Lucas, Nirvana and Ristorante da Andrea. Any chowhounds visited there recently and have must-visit restaurant suggestions?

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  1. Don't know if it is still there, but several years ago we loved La Piazza in SMA. I liked it so much that I saved their business card. La Piazza was at Hernandez Macias, No. 93. Tel (415) 274-54. The food was Italian, the owner (Omar Serreno Munoz) bilingual, and the restaurant was lovely. My DH is Mexican and a chef, and I lived in Mexico and worked my way through law school teaching cooking, so we are serious foodies. We loved the food there, from salads and apps right through dessert. (They used an interesting substitution of local greens for broccoli rabe and it worked beautifully.)

    Hope it's still around.

    Enjoy the trip. I'm jealous!