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Jul 25, 2006 06:28 PM

Vegas with Chowhound Teens - a whole bunch of questions!

Hi all -

I've been to Lotus of Siam, but I see Thai Spice has a 27 Zagat rating. Has anyone been to both? If so, which would your recommend? Is Thai Spice worth a try?

We think our 16-year-old daughters will get a kick out of the Paris, so we were thinking of Mon Ami Gabi or Eiffel Tower. The two are truly adventurous eaters, so no worries on that front.

Also, any opinion on Indian food? How is India Palace?

Finally, I recall seeing info about great Mexican at some place off the strip - can't recall the name - probably the name of a town in Mexico. Anybody know what that is?

Any information on Seablue?

Many, many thanks!

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  1. Hello:

    I stayed at the Orleans during my recent 10 day trip
    and one day on my way home from the Rio to the Orleans
    I stopped for dinner at Thai Spice.

    Honestly, I have no idea how they got that rating. I had
    some garden variety Tom Kha Gai and a mediocre curry. It
    was not bad and the ingredients were fresh and of good
    quality, but not even good enough to mention on my trip
    report below.

    Mon Ami Gabi is always a good meal, and if you get lucky,
    a good view as well.

    For Mexican, you have to try one of the Michoacan places.


    1. Seablue---Expensive and not that great in my opinion. ANd the time that we went, the service was very mediocre.

      1. New Indian restaurant across from the hard rock...origin india; upscale, interesting excellent food. on Paradise.
        I'd go to Mon Ami Gabi over the eiffel tower restaurant...still a cool view of the people and the fountains, and more reasonably priced food.
        LofS is terrific and although there are other good Thai places in town, I think it is still head and shoulders above the rest.

        1. Good questions all.

          I've been disappointed with all of the Indian food I've eaten in Las Vegas. I did post this four months ago:

          "I've never had an Indian meal in LV that I was excited about. I've been to Indian Oven twice. One time I tried the Southern Indian specialties and it was a disaster -- certainly, there are not folks from that region in the kitchen. The Northern dishes are better, but not distinguished, in my opinion.

          I can't be that enthusiastic, but I prefer Swagat's Indian Cuisine on South Rainbow just off of Spring Mountain. Certainly, their Southern dishes were better than others I've had in LV, and some of the curries were good. On the weekends, they have a buffet that includes made-to-order dosas and a less bountiful buffet at lunch every day."

          2. Mon Ami Gabi would be fine for kids, as would fellow Lettuce Entertain You restaurant Cafe Babareeba (Spanish). If you can get a seat outside, the people-watching should be great (and Gabi has a nice view of the Bellagio fountains).

          3. As Seal mentioned, you are probably thinking of one of the Michoacan restaurants -- Lindo Michoacan is the first (it's on East Desert Inn).

          4. Only been to Thai Spice once but wasn't impressed at all.

          1. My (teen) nieces best loved the properties with the thrill rides/coasters: NY/NY and the Stratosphere. I've not eaten at either place and thus can't give any props to eateries, only that these are the two "coolest" places in their book. LOS is near the latter, so if you go, I'd probably suggest eating AFTER you try a ride that throws you over the edge of a 1,000-ft building.

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            1. re: tastyjon

              Thanks to all of you for the excellent advice. We're going to go to Lotus of Siam again, skip Seablue, skip Indian. Can't wait to try Lindo Michoacan - and yes, that was the one, so thanks!!! Also decided to give Daniel Boulud a try over both Seablue and Mon Ami Gabi. And thanks so much for the reminder about the thrill rides at Stratosphere and NY NY. Can't wait! Usually we spent our time in Vegas only interrupting our poker games for food...looks like this trip is going to involve a lot less poker!