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Jul 25, 2006 06:26 PM

Private party - room for about 25?

Hi - I am looking for a private room in a restaurant for a party of about 25 people. We want a (set/limited) menu that runs about $75-$100 including wine and service.

Got any suggestion? Doesn't matter what kind of food, with so many coming there are many tastes, though it should be memorable and we won't be catering for bland palettes. Ideally if there was a bar area attached we could hang before and afterwards that would be good!


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  1. Macelleria in the MPD.
    We had a party for 35 there, used the entire downstairs, it was wonderful.
    they worked with us on setting the menu and vino. The food is simple
    and straight-forward, but I think the quality is quite high. They have a nice
    bar, plus, you're steps away from tons of options. have fun.

    1. Especially if you have people of all ages, including some not so young crowd people, I'd suggest René Pujol. Very good classic French food. Their private space is the second floor (walkup) of a townhouse. It includes a dining area with a private bar in the adjacent room. It should easily be within your price range if you choose your wines carefully and don't go overboard at the bar.