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Vietnamese in the East Bay

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Howdy. I'm a recent transplant from SF living in the Danville / San Ramon area and am looking for good Vietnamese food. Let's talk Thai too while we're at it. Can anyone point out a few local finds for me? Thx in advance ...

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    1. re: Scott M

      That thread's about Berkeley. Much better Vietnamese food in Oakland.

      Binh Minh Quan's my current favorite.

    2. When you say local, I'm assuming you mean you don't want to drive to Oakland. I don't know about the area south of you, but the closest good Vietnamese north of you is in Concord:

      Pho Hoa Hiep
      1833 Willow Pass Rd
      Concord, CA
      Phone: (925) 677-2131

      This is a branch of the one in Oakland, and it has very good pho, also good bunh, and good fruit shakes, w/ or w/o pearls.

      Another good one, although the pho is not as good as above, is in Pleasant Hill:
      Pho Hoa-Phat I
      508 Contra Costa Blvd
      Pleasant Hill, CA
      (925) 680-8135

      A nice thing about the Pleasant Hill restaurant is that it is in the same mall as the best Asian grocery in the area.

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      1. I found Sai's Vietnamese in Livermore to be surprisingly good for the location.