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Jul 25, 2006 05:56 PM

cooking with tiny dried fish

I have some chinese and malaysian stir fries in which I want to use the tiny dried silver sardines or anchovies - what prepareation of these is needed before cooking? Do they need to be beheaded? soaked?

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  1. I soak mine until they feel pliable. The ones I use never become really soft.

    1. Aren't they supposed to stay hard? That's thew way I've had them in restaurants... like in Nasi Lemak for example.

      1. I wasn't clear in my reply. I was referring to Chinese cooking. The crispy anchovies in Malaysian cooking don't taste hard to me, just crispy, but I've never tried cooking these so I don't know how they're prepared.

        1. We haven't used them for cooking but the pups love to snack on them. They just munch them whole.

          I can't see why you would remove the heads---seems you would loose flavor and they are pretty small. If you eat them heads on as a snack, I think you'd cook with them heads on as well.

          1. I only use them in soup stock. Tiny dried fish floating in a sea with tofu cubes, ginger, diced white radish (daikon).