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Jul 25, 2006 05:51 PM

Thai or Indian rec Central/East Phx

Looking for a couple of rec's for Thai and/or Indian restaurants in Phoenix. Would like to try and stay between Washington and Camelback (north to south) and 48th Street to 7th Street (east to west).

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  1. Thai Lahna
    3738 East Indian School Road

    Thai Rama
    1221 West Camelback Road (though I'm not sure if light rail construction isn't blocking the Camelback entrance. Does anyone know?)

    As for Indian, I can't think of anything in you zone. A few blocks east is India Delhi Palace (5104 E McDowell Rd) where I enjoy the occasional buffet and also stick my head into the adjacent Indian grocery store.

    1. It's a bit north, but Sala Thai at 32nd St just north of Shea on the west side of the street has pretty good Thai. Especially if you like it spicy.
      I, too, am blanking on Indian in that area. I haven't been to IDP, but I've tried some of their stuff at the Asian Cultural Fair and it was pretty good.

      1. I know there's an Indian restaurant on 16th St & Indian School, but I don't know the name. It's been on our short list for some time, but we're just so happy with Taste of India on 16th St & Bell that we don't try any others.


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          As for Indian Restaurants, I'd recommend Tandoori Times at 6810 E 5th Ave in Scottsdale (just north of Indian School Road). Best food out of the Indian restaurants I've had so far here in the Valley. I've been to Taste of India and I think Tandoori Times has them beat. Just my $0.02

        2. Got it!!! Flavors of India



          P.S. The New Times restaurant guide is actually a nice little tool. You can do a blanket search of cuisine types and it will search the whole valley for you.

          1. Thai Lhana on Indian School & 38th Street (NW corner). I much prefer it over Thai Rama.