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Jul 25, 2006 05:43 PM

NJ Hotdogging

Looking for recs, other than Rutt's, in northern NJ/Ft. Lee area.

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  1. Try Dickie Dee's on Bloomfield Ave in Newark, then down the street is JJ's hot dog truck. The dogs at the truck are terrible by the way. There's Jimmy Buff's on 22 West in Mountainside, then further west in Greenbrook or North Plainfield you have Texas Weiners.

    I can't really recommend any of these places, I've sworn off the stuff for a while, but go see for yourself. Actually the central Jersey Routes 22/28 corridor has more dog opportunities than any other place I've been outside of a ballpark.

    1. Had a good dog at Amazing Hot Dogs in Verona, on Bloomfield just west of 23. It's a large beef dog (short and fat but hefty) in a snappy natural casing with a lot of toppings available. The flavor was excellent.

      Their signature dog is wrapped with a strip of bacon, but I didn't find that it added much, and their cole slaw is the creamy style (not my favorite kind). The home-made limeade and the fries were both good.

      Here's their website:

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        Sounds like Bloomfield Ave is a contender for another dog corridor.

      2. Galloping Hill at 5 points in Union, and Charlie's italian hot dog in Kenilworth are pretty memorable. Bergen County is a hot dog wasteland.

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          You can do a "hotdog triangle"! Start at Galloping Hill, drive up the road to Charlie's for an Italian Hot Dog, continue on to Maplewood, NJ and get a dog at Syd's. If I remember correctly neither of these places serve the same brand of dog. Where's John Fox when you need him!

        2. I think the Star Ledger's Munchmobile did hotdogs recently...

          1. I'm John Fox, but my new screen name since they changed the format is hotdoglover. I am on the Munchmobile S.W.A.T. Dog Team. We have been going to various hot dog establishments all over the state. We are at 59 and counting. Most I've already been to, but there are a few that I've been to for the first time. I heartily recommend Syd's, which is located in the Millburn Mall on Vauxhall Rd. in Union. They use a 5 to a lb natural casing Best Provision dog that they charbroil. Expensive, but as good a hot dog as you'll find anywhere.

            Galloping Hill Inn is a different type of dog; German style beef and pork. They use a dog from Grote & Weigel of Conn. that is the same recipe as the dogs that the old owners use to use from Gaiser's deli. When Gaisers was sold, the dogs weren't the same. A great beef and pork dog; milder than Syd's with a more subtle spicing. Prepared on a griddle, which I prefer to deep frying.

            Elizabeth is home to two great hot dog joints that are next to each other. Jerry's and Tommy's. Tommy's serves a first rate Italian Hot Dog and sausage sandwich. Jerry's serves a natural casing (8 to a lb) Best Provisions dog. It is boiled first, then grilled for extra crunchiness. Along with Syd's and Boulevard Drinks in Jersey City (small natural casing Sabrett), they are my favorite all beef dogs. Amazing Hot Dog in Verona is also one of the better ones. Not grilled, but flash fried. A delicious dog with a wide variety of toppings. I think their chili may be the best hot dog chili I've tried.

            For Texas Weiners in North Jersey, I like Libby's, The Hot Grill, and Pappy's Diner in Totowa. Deep fried Thumann's left in the oil long enough, and topped with flavorful chili sauce.

            JJ's has gone downhill in my opinion. Smaller now and skinless, when before they were natural casing. I've found that many of the trucks use tiny 12 to a lb dogs. Almost a cocktail frank. I like Tony's in Branch Brook Park. Good dog (a less spicy Golden D brand) but bigger than JJ's. Natural casing and tasty chili. They also have good hot onions I'm told. I don't eat onions.

            Hirams in Fort Lee makes a very good deep fried dog, but ask for it well done. Though not considered a Texas Weiner joint, they serve a fine slightly spicy chili that was one of the favorites of the S.W.A.T. Dog Team.

            There are so many great places in Jersey to get a dog. I suggest you read the weekly S.W.A.T. reports in the archives of this year's Munchmobile series on Due to space limitations, all of our comments about each place cannot be included. But at the end of the summer, I will give an in depth summary of each place if anyone cares. Also check out the Hot Dog Section on The thread on Jersey Hot Dogs is quite extensive. Also, feel free to e-mail me with any questions or if you need directions.

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              One of the best - if not the best - hot dog stands is Hot Dog Johnnie's in Buttzville NJ. Pretty place with river view, and great hot dogs with amazing buttermilk.
              We drive 30 minutes out of our way to the Poconos and it's worth it.