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Jul 25, 2006 05:33 PM

Anywhere in Calgary that serves chicken livers?

We're new in town, and my husband's birthday is coming up. His favourite dinner (and traditional boyhood birthday dinner) is chicken livers. I loathe them and especially loathe cooking them, and would love to know if anyone knows a restaurant I can take him to for his birthday treat.

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  1. I'm not entirely sure but you may want to give JoJo Bistro Parisien or Fleur de Sel a call.

    1. Lebanese places often do chicken livers, very common in that cuisine- call Sahara or Aida's.

      1. Asian BBQ (usually run by Vietnamese proprietors) like BBQ Express on Center and 14th Avenue N, will cook many and all parts. I've eaten livers, cow ears, gibblets, tripe, etc from them.

        They are strictly takeout, so you can bring it home. Call them and ask if they'll make it for you - it costs nothing extra to Special Order... they just don't cook them every day because the demand is quite low (surprise surprise).

        It is cooked Asian style though, in a soy/anise type sauce. Not sure if that is the stuff of his boyhood meals, but it's cheap and easy :)