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Jul 25, 2006 05:28 PM

P.E.I. - Charlottetown recommendations?

I am finding lots of suggestions for Nova Scotia includng Cape Breton, but there doesn't seem to be much said about P.E.I. We will be staying in Charottetown for two nights to allow one day to explore. We have been told to head east out of Ch'town for the most scenic part or the island. Any suggestions for Charlottetown and/or points east? Thanks so much.

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  1. It's been a couple of years since I've been to Charlottetown, but the last two times I was there my husband and I had really nice meals at Off Broadway. It was a little more in the high end range.

    Here's a link to a website:

    I find the website a bit off-putting, actually - makes it look like every other touristy place on the Island, but my recollection is we had very nice meals each time we visited. We also really enjoyed the bar upstairs and I believe we were able to wait in the bar for our table to be ready.

    The other thing with PEI eating out is to look into lobster suppers. Definitely not fancy, but often great if you want a feed of lobster and other fresh seafood. My family favourite was always the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers - very down home, lots of homemade bread rolls, fish chowder and mussels.

    I'm not sure it's in the direction from Charlottetown that you're looking for, but really nothing is all that far away in PEI.

    1. madwrk, it has been even longer since our last visit to PEI than it has been for parleek but we too enjoyed our meal at Off Broadway.

      The menu was perhaps surprisingly good and varied at the Merchantman Pub adjacent to the Prince Edward Delta on the waterfront. That sounds like at best a "backhanded" complement but we enjoyed ourself and having been habituated to Maritime pub grub like the Midtown in Halifax from university days this quite a considerable selection.

      I do not know if Kim's Bistro is still in operation. We were disappointed. It had received quite a good write up in Bon Appetit prior to our visit.

      The Lucy Maud Dining Room provides a venue where the students at the culinary institute can practice what they have learned. We were unable to obtain reservations during our visit.

      Sirenella was pretty fare mediteranean food.

      One place we missed and likely walked right by thinking it was just what its name suggests "Water-Prince Corner Store" is supposed to be excellent for basic, seafood. Right down in the old Historic Charlottetown.

      A place that has been recommended to me is The Pilot House. It had not opened when we visited.

      Another which has received good reviews in out of province newspapers and "foodie television" is the The Dayboat in Hunter River. I think their website says they are about 15 minutes from Charlottetown.

      Up north toward the red dunes and beaches of the National Park is Dalvay By The Sea. We enjoyed our lunch there in the restored historic building.

      If you get out quite a distance to the east coast Windows On The Water in Montague was good.

      The Inn at St Peters was good. The best food was at The Inn at Bay Fortune but it is more than you likely want to drive being up near Souris.

      If you go toward Summerside rather than eastward, someone else posted about Flex Mussels which looked quite interesting assuming you want your fill of mussels. May as well, they do not get much fresher. Same with the lovely oysters.

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        Wow, what a great post - covers all of the bases!

      2. I was at Off Broadway last week and would agree with the comments. A really safe bet based on my experience.

        1. I'm not sure how long this link will stay active, but this article appeared in the Halifax paper today (about dining in PEI).

          1. Thanks for the link parleek.

            I wonder what the other two restaurants are.

            Agree with their assessment of Dalvay By The Sea. Dayboat did not exist when we visited PEI.

            Am glad to hear about the postitive influence the culinary school is having.

            Dining was pretty grim when we were there apart from some of the resorts. I spoke with some of the staff when we had lunch at the Inn at St. Peters and they were all from the culinary school.

            We had wanted to try Seasons In Thyme in Summerside, one of the few restaurants we had heard about in PEI but the chef had closed it earlier in the year. Just did not attract sufficient interest among the locals which of course are your "bead and butter" during the off season.