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Jul 25, 2006 05:27 PM

Migas in LA?

Has anyone come across migas here in LA. Would prefer the Westside but any recommendations are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. No expert on this dish, but I've had these tortilla creations at POSH ON PICO (

    1. I don't know if it will help your search, but the Texas dish called "migas" is often called "chilequilles" in Arizona and California. Sorry but no place which makes a good version is coming to mind.

      1. I'm no expert either, but I've seen long, long lines for Chilaquiles at the Farmer's Market on Pico in West LA on Saturday mornings.

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          Those are good! The best I've had in the City are from Pepe's Galley in the Mar Vista Bowling Alley on Venice near Centinella. They rival the ones I had from Mexico City... SO good smoothered in Red Sauce and dusted with anejo cheese. Be a glutton like me and also order the Machaca. A better breakfast is not found anywhere else...


        2. Thanks for the feedback. I've often been tempted to get those chilaquiles at the farmer's market but I can't get past the tacos.

          1. My experience is that Migas, which I've had in Texas and New Mexico is tortilla chips with egg in salsa, while chilaquiles is just chips cooked in the salsa. I'm not aware of any good migas, but good chilaquiles can be had at Guelaguetza or at Loteria in the Farmer's Market.

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              I agree with your definition, sku - migas has eggs, chilaquiles doesn't. But apparently this isn't totally consistent since I've seen reports of chilaquiles with eggs here (although honestly I've never ended up with any when I've ordered chilaquiles).

              And if you try out Posh on Pico, I'd suggest asking a few questions first. From their online menu and photos, it looks like they're a breakfast sandwich option. That is definitely not what I think of when I want migas.

              Previously posted answers to this question point to the Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey. But looking at their brunch menu their version includes lobster. Hmmmmmm, don't know if I'd try it myself, but it's worth noting.

              I hope someone eventually reports on real migas! But Tex-Mex can be tough to find here. Thank goodness there's so much other excellent Mexican food and local variations of it.....

              1. re: ks in la

                Chilaquilles can and do indeed come with Egg, they are a traditional breakfast food in Mexico using the 'left overs' from last night's dinner and the protein added on top is Egg. The eggs can be scrambled, fried, I've even seen poached in Mexico City (So good!!) The reason lots of places skip it is because lots of places (Like Loteria) don't prepare chilaquilles properly. They use their regular stash of Tortilla Chips, instead of freshly fried REAL tortilla quarters (TOTALLY different texture and thickness). The ones at Pepe's galley are prepared properly come with the egg option and they are so nice there, you can request to get your egg to come in anyway (I skipped the egg when I ordered because I got my egg fix in the Machaca. :))