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Jul 25, 2006 05:25 PM

re-commending Jolie (Atlantic Ave.)

I used to commend Jolie restaurant (320 Atlantic, bet. Smith and Hoyt) all the time, especially for lunch near downtown Brooklyn. However, we heard so many negative reports around the time of Dine-In Brooklyn, that I've hesitated to recommend it since then... Well, I just went back today for a light lunch in the outdoor garden, and it was great. They had a cool tomato-fennel soup which was perfect for the warm weather, and a crab cake appetizer with avocado mousse that was DELICIOUS. So, Jolie is back on my good list. If it's not too late for the person who recently asked about dinner near MetroTech, try it!

P.S. Nicky's (across the street from Jolie) is still not open.

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  1. Good to hear. I have always thought that judging places on their Restaurant Week performance wasn't a good way to assess everyday performance.

    1. I had a horrible experience at Jolie during restaurant week. The food was like airline food. Even the waitress admitted that the food was bad when we complained and said the place was best for brunch. What is the point of participating in Restaurant week if you don't take the time to make your food good? You just end up turning off customers. I'll never go back to Jolie - too many other places to try so it's not worth it.

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        two things-JOLIE is certainly a charming spot-amazing garden dining in back. comfortable banquettes line the dining room and a cozy bar up front make a great decor. the food is quite good-amazing by any means-no. I wish the menu were larger-only about 7 entrees to chose from etc. they have fun specialty drinks and weekly promotions.

        Restaurant week-and I know this will be controversial-really isnt a good indicator of the quality of a restaurant. Take Jolie--the place is fairly slow during the week-not empty-but not jamming. They-and many other restaurants probably dont have the staff to fully man a ten day restaurant week. From what i have seen and heard-a lot of restaurants lose money during restaurant week. I think there is some political pressure for restaurants to participate. Should they show-case their best foods while losing money? Who is to say--but from what I have seen-a lot of restaurant week patrons (not all by any means) are just bargain-hunters. I avoided brooklyn restaurants during that period knowing the crowds, food quality etc would be spotty.

        FINALLY-as the last poster said-there are many other places to try--but I would imagine Jolie has many positive posts and is worth another try.

        1. re: kimmc

          So, one bad meal during a special promotion is enough to keep you from a restaurant that is good for the other 51 weeks of the year? That's really carrying a grudge pretty far, no?

          I'll say it again - restaurant week is a hit or miss proposition. Some places do it well (Tempo comes to mind), other places (which are fine places in all other respects) don't. The best way to evaluate a place is to read the boards carefully, weigh the credibility of the posters, and then go yourself. RW visits can produce atypical results.

        2. Jolie now has half-price bottles of wine on Tuesday nights. I've eaten there once and thought the food was very good. I would definitely go back, especially on a Tuesday.

          1. And on Wednesday, ladies drink 2 for 1 at the bar, and they have $1 oysters. Not old oysters- beautiful, small, briny Malpeques. I'd like to try the food now.