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Jul 25, 2006 05:23 PM

Villa Sorriso in Pasadena?

Does anyone know what the status is with Villa Sorriso? I heard from a friend that they changed their menu recently. New owners? What's the scoop?


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  1. I've heard the bar is a pickup spot.

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      Hm...thanks, but not really answering my question....

    2. I was there 2 weeks ago for dinner. (It had been about a year since my previous visit). I didn't notice a menu change, but it did seem they revamped their drink menu. Not sure about an ownership change.

      Unfortunately, the food is still sub par and horribly overpriced. (1 appetizer, 1 salad, 2 drinks was $57 pre-tip). The drinks (cocktails) weren't good either.

      It's unfortunate, because I think it's a great space (large outdoor courtyard, great upstairs lounge, nice bar area downstairs, etc.)

      Has anyone found anything decent to eat there? (It would be good to know when I'm subjected to future visits.)

      1. their linguine with clams and pancetta is soooo goood there.... its my absolute favorite!

        i love the ambiance there!

        1. I too have recently eaten at Via Sorriso. And have experienced their menu prior to moving to the corner of Pasadena Ave and Colorado. The corner is a great spot but, it's changed! It seems to now attract a different more snotty crowd. The chap at the table next to me was even smoking a cigarette without taking consideration to others! That would never have happened at the other location. The lunch sandwhich was good enough but, the service, mediocre at best. I would rather spend my money on the patio at Il Forniao or brave the noisy crowd at Mi Piace - almost worth it for their pumpkin ravioli and burnt butter sauce.

          1. I'm not aware of any changes, but the place is AWFUL if you actually care about food or eating. The menu is unfocused and uninspired/uninspiring, the execution is mediocre and the service is abysmal.