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Jul 25, 2006 05:20 PM

Palo Alto Dining Rec needed

Have to find a place in Palo Alto for dinner Sunday night that satisfies one meat and potatoes guy and 1 vegetarian. I want good food and a busy place on or near University. Is Zibbibo a good choice? Evvia? Thanks for any suggestions ~

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  1. the veggie would probably like zibbibo, but a meat and potatos guy would probably not like it. the food, although good, is not 'plentiful'

    there's a new restaurant on university by cheesecake. it's some northeastern american cuisine. it's named after some cross streets? hopefully someone on here can clarify.

    kan zeman also comes to mind. big skewers of meat..and many veggie dishes.

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    1. re: wchane

      I recently ate lunch at Kan Zeman in downtown Palo Alto. It is my only visit but I certainly would not go back. I was surprised at how crowded based on how lousy the food was.

      We ordered the lamb kebab and the kofta plates. Both were very, very tough. I could hardly cut through the kofta with a knife, which I found ironic given that a common purpose of meatballs is to make tough cuts tender... these were little knots of overcooked meat, all mositure cooked right out of them. Lamb was also extraordinarily tough, clearly overcooked.

      Rice was a disappointment. Can't say for certain that it was, but it tasted like a grocery store instant rice with spice packet. Very salty. Sauted vegetables were undercooked to my taste and also overly salted (and I generally like my food salty)

      Hummus was one-dimensional and runny. The olive oil that was drizzled on top was low-quality and overapplied.

      The pitas... again can't say for ceetain where they are from or how they were heated but they TASTED like a crappy supermarket brand( e.g. Sahara) heated up in the microwave. Very pale, very blah.

      1. re: Pincho

        I agree Ken Zeman is bad and will never go back, thought it was just me since it gets the crowds.

        My pic is Peninsula Creamery, 566 Emerson Street (@Hamilton)
        Palo Alto, CA 94301
        (650) 323-3175
        vegetarian can get a grilled cheese sandwich, meat eater a burger and milkshake.

        1. re: hhc

          You know what...I am going to have to agree with you two regarding Kan Zeman. I'll go here for lunch but I forgot what good persian food is supposed to taste like. Had lunch at Chelokabbi in sunnyvale yesterday and everything else i've had up here was just not up to par.

          peninsula creamery is great, i go there for milkshakes and comfort food (grilled cheese and tomato soup)

    2. Evvia is a great choice. I think it'll satisfy both dining preferences.

      I tried Madison & Fifth (the place wchane mentioned, next to Cheesecake Factory) and found it to be nothing special. It felt overpriced for the food, service and ambiance that was provided.