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Jul 25, 2006 04:55 PM

Seafood Village - what else besides that crab?

My husband and I finally checked out Seafood Village in Monterey Park on Sunday evening. The place was packed and luckily the air conditioning seemed up to the task.

Every table had the house special crab and since I'd read about it in the Carl Chu book on the ride over from Sherman Oaks, that was a no brainer. Wow, a lot of crab and garlic for the two of us, but really enjoyable. Husband wanted the squid with spicy salt, a decent rendition if a little short on salt and chilis, and too similar to the crab. Think I like the version at the Sam Woo on Sepulveda better. Also had chow fun with Chinese broccoli and lop cheung, very satisfying. Thankfully our water glasses were kept refilled, service was quick, bill was $33 before tip.

They brought a bowl of "white fungus" soup at the meal's conclusion, this was slightly sweet, mild and really pleasant. But I have no idea what it is, can someone help?

What else should we try at Seafood Village?

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  1. Aside from the house specialty crab, I would recommend the following:

    1. crab and fish maw soup (better than the shark fin soup on the menu and the broth is delicate and well-balanced)

    2. House special chicken

    3. The "four delicacy" vegetable dish (napa cabbage, two typs of mushroom, mustard greens, all braised in a soy/oyster reduction sauce)

    4. Lemon fish (not to be confused at all with "lemon chicken" from fast-food joints, this dish is braised fish topped with cured/salted lemons, very unique flavor)

    5. Steamed tilapia (not a fish dish you will find at most HK seafood restaurants in SGV; the fish is tender and velvety soft and really brings out the sweetness of this fish, which is generally lost when it is pan-fried in its usual iteration on menus)

    6. Braised eel (not always available, so ask, but this this a great dish that has a very savory undertone to it)

    7. Tarot root pudding for dessert.

    As to the gratis bowls of "white fungus" soup, these are basically concoctions of green beans, barley, rock sugar, and perhaps some other stuff and of course a handful of white fungus. Nothing to write home about - usu. diluted enough that any medicinal / herbal effect is completely washed away and the restaurant can provide free bowls without losing any $$$ ...

    Glad you enjoyed the place, go back and explore the menu some more!

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      That lemon fish, apparently one of their specialties, is terrible. The fish is very very fishy. But the 10-12 other dishes we got there last time were very good, except I think that crab is just too dry, that style of preparation always produces a dry crab.