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Jul 25, 2006 04:28 PM

Don's Butcher in Westmont or Morini's in La Grange Park

I'm looking for a quality butcher around the Western burbs. I live in La Grange and work in Willowbrook so I have a pretty decent sized range of where I can go. I've driven by Don's Prime Cut Meats in Westmont several times but never stopped in to check him out. Has anyone been? Does anyone have any suggestions for any other butchers in the area? I use to go to Marsh in Naperville for great, relatively inexpensive prime meat but they're going out of business. I've been to Casey's a bunch and their meat is very good but I'm looking for a new place that carries prime. I've also been to Prime n Tender and while their meat is good, if I'm going to pay Allen Brothers/Fox and Obel prices, I may as well order directly from one of those two places. I was all excited to check out Jim's in Cicero after going through some old posts but realized after a little research that they are Out of Business. I was also wondering about Morini's in La Grange Park since it seems to have some relation to Jim's.

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  1. McChesney & Miller downtown Glen Ellyn has the best quality meat around. Even though the store is a Certified Grocery store, their butcher shop is run like an old-time butcher shop & the guys that work there are very accommodating & helpful. Note - they're closed on Sundays.

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      Thank you for the suggestion. That sounds like a great place. I have some family right in the neighborhood. I'll have to plan a trip under the guise of a visit to my aunts.

    2. Thanks for the info on McChesney & Miller. I was not previously familiar with them, but definitely will check them out. We typically purchase all of our meat from Casey's or City Meat Market in Naperville. I always have been very pleased with Casey's, and usually try to take my business there.

      Ron A.