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Jul 25, 2006 04:25 PM

Cucumber-Infused Gin?

Someone had posted a week or two ago about making cucumber-infused gin. I have a lovely cucumber. I have a lot of gin. I have mason jars. What do I do? How much cucumber to gin? How long to infuse? And once it's infused, when I make gin & tonics with it, do I include lime or would that be weird?


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  1. If you type "cucumber gin" into the search engine above, you'll get links to past discussions.

    Is this what you are looking for:

    1. This drink, the Cuke, was in the NY Times a few weeks ago... I tried it and thought it was great. I used Tanqueray the first time because it was on hand, and Hendrick's- as recommended- the second. Good either way!

      Oh no, I can't find the recipie! It ("the cuke") should be searchble at

      General info about infusing alcohol applies... Mash up or at least slice up your cuke to increase surface area. get rid of the skin and seeds first to avoid bitterness. Strain before serving.

      Gin is pretty flavorful to begin with, but surprisingly (to me anyway) after only a day of cukey co-mingling in the fridge, my gin tased...cukier.

      By the way, Hendricks Gin already has cukey flavor right out of the bottle.

      1. So I started infusing the gin yesterday. I found some posts on eGullet that were helpful. I sliced up cucumber guts leftover from shredded a cucumber for sesame noodles and put it in a mason jar, covered it with gin, topped it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. I would've left it out to infuse, but it's going to be 90+ degrees this week and it creeped me out to have cucumbers on the counter, regardless of what they're covered with.

        Anyway, I ended up with some cucumber juice after squeezing the shredded cucumber and decided to make myself a preview cucumber gin and tonic. It was very good! Though the tonic was too sweet, so I ended up using part seltzer as well. Because it had peel, the drink ended up looking almost like Mt. Dew or lime kool-aid... Much tastier, though!