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macaroni and cheese as hors d'ouevre?

i'm throwing a goodbye party for a friend, and mac 'n cheese is her favorite food. it's more of a cocktail than dinner party, though. does anyone have any suggestions on how to prepare mac 'n cheese (or some variation of it) as an hors d'ouevre?

i did an internet search, but only found deep fried versions, and i don't have a deep fat fryer.

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  1. You wouldn't necessarily have to have a deep fat fryer to fry them. I prefer regular old mac n' cheese to the fried version, but I think fried would really wow people!

    I think it would also be really cute to use those Chinese soup spoons and bake the macaroni and cheese in those, with a crusty, cheesy top. (I don't know if you can use those in the oven or not, but I think it would be a fun presentation.)

    1. If you make the old-fashioned baked kind, add a couple extra eggs & be generous with the cheese, and it will bake up "firm"....you could then cut it into small triangles for serving as an hors d'oeuvre. Not finger food, but okay on a tiny plate with a cocktail fork. Bake it a couple of days it advance and it will firm up in the fridge.

      1. I once watched a show where they did little mac n cheese finger foods. It was basically fried parmesan in a small disk shape that once hardened, turns out to be a little dish, and the mac was placed on top in a sort of "one bite" hors d'oeuvre. Very clever, but looks a little time consuming and tricky

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          Yes, I just saw this on one of Giada De Laurentiis' show (I think it was "Behind the Bash"). The caterer was making all kinds of mini comfort foods - burgers, griled cheese and mac 'n cheese. The mac 'n cheese was served in parmesan tuile - very easy to make. Just grate a bunch of parmesan in a pretty thin layer in circles on to a cookie sheet that you've covered with parchment paper. Bake until bubbly. While the cheese is still warm, put each diskette over a mini ramekin or small bowl so it moulds into the shape of a little cup. Let cool and it will set and then you can fill it with mac 'n cheese. Sounds good to me!

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            Was that show about a wedding held in a car dealership? I was very impressed w/ the caterer. Handmade tiny brioche rolls for the burgers, etc.

            Anyway, i wonder if you could bake mac and cheese in mini muffin tins?

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              Yeah, that was the one... I was really impressed with the food also! In fact, I'm going to do mini apple pies at my wedding reception, among other desserts!

              I definitely think you could do it in mini muffin tins, or even mini tart pans, but I'm still rooting for the Chinese soup spoons! :-)

        2. My friend's recent wedding in NY featured mini mac and cheese as one of teh war passed hors d'oeuvres. They just baked the mac and cheese in miniature ramekins and passed it with little forks for eating. Each ramekin probably had about 3 bites worth. I think baking in spoons would be a better idea - wouldn't need all those additional forks - or, if you didn't want to buy all those spoons, the parmesan tuiles, although those might actually need forks if they fall apart easily.

          Dim blurry picture below (we were too excited to eat them to bother taking a good picture):

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            I suppose you could get fancy but with Mac and Cheese I wouldn't. I would bake my favorite recipe and place it on the table with all other foods and put out some small plates to spoon it on to. Why not? Sounds good to me and your friend would probably love it that way!

          2. I would probably make mac and cheese as you normally would and then serve it in a frico. You can do some fricos with parmesan, some with manchego, or other types of hard cheese to vary the tastes.

            1. i once had them as an hors d'ouevre where they were put in mini tart shells (you can get them premade)

              1. I've been on a cherry tomato kick, so my vote would be to make your mac and cheese as usual (just mentioned on another thread that my recipe uses cream cheese, cheddar and havarti - give at least the havarti a try) and scoop a bit into hollowed cherry tomatoes. Top with a bit of parmesean and broil.

                1. What a great idea! My cherry tomatoes hav not ripened yet, but I will have a TON when they do, and they are preety good sized. Am having a family get together in a few weeks, and am always looking for new ideas. Thanks!

                  1. It does sound good, doesn't it? LOL

                    1. i'm not exactly sure what this deep fried version is supposed to be like....

                      but if you did it up similar to risotto with a really thick sauce and then just refridgerated it on a baking sheet in a thin layer, then either cut them up into squares or rounds and did mac and cheese "cakes" like you would with risotto..... something you can carry around and still serve hot ;) just not as gooey though.

                      1. I bake my homemade M&C recipe (2 c dry macaroni) in a 13 x 9 inch pan because I like it crispy on top. At about one-inch thick it comes out quite firm... especially if I reheat it after a night in the fridge. It would be easy to cut into appetizer-sized pieces. And this thin, it's a bit frico-like... not too gooey. Wonder if you could turn it upside-down after it cools... broil the other side... then each side would be crispy. It would definitely be plate-free finger food then. MMmm... musings about mac and cheese.

                        Probably too much work, but what about stuffing some greens (ie grape leaves) with the mac?

                        1. I have to report in on the mac/cheese/tomato idea. It sounded so good I decided to give it a go. Alas, no havarti on hand, but regular old mac and cheese stuffed (loosely) into tomatoes, sprinkled with grated parmesean and a drizzle of evoo and chopped parsley (no basil on hand either) and broiled was FANTASTIC. This will be a staple for leftover macaroni and cheese around here from now on.

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                            Thanks for the feedback. My cherry tomatoes are just starting to turn red. A few more weeks, and this is certainly on my menu! I'll bet it would be good to use large red tomatoes, and add some brocolli and ham to the mac n cheese. A nice lunch for a cold Sunday afternoon watching your favorite football team!

                          2. Cut out rounds of bread and press into a mini muffin tin. Bake it to toast and it becomes a shell to hold the mac and cheese.