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Jul 25, 2006 04:11 PM

Lowell Folk Festival

I know, I know, let my eyes and nose lead me..;)
But are there any food vendors at the Lowell Folk Festival(this weekend) that are truly memorable, for the good, or the bad? My SO thinks we're going for the music...HA!!!!!

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  1. I have a tough time deciding between all the great ethnic foods. I will be there as well trying to contemplate! I think last year I had some african food, I forget what exactly.

    1. There is usually a Filipino booth at the Folk Festival that serves lumpia, pancit, some kind of meat-on-sticks and other treats. I always enjoyed it, although I have no idea how authentic the food is.

      1. If you want a hearty meal, the Armenian burgers are the best! They use the same meat mixture as for lamejun, but in a large hamburger-sized patty on a bun. There's usually a line of repeat customers from year to year. They've been at the edge of the big central plaza for many years now.

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          Sounds like a Losh Kebab burger, ground lamb and beef.

        2. I posted about this last year (below). Ju recommended the Filipino table, it did sound authentic and it's on the top of my list this year. Personally I've found the Armenian burgers too bland to be worth the calories, but it has been years. I prefer to try lots of little things.

          Remember there are several food sites, don't spend all your calories at JFK plaza! Wander around and see.

          Although I dissed one table's grape leaves last year I should point out that these things are made in batches and I wouldn't write a table off for one sample (no edit function last year!)

          1. Definitely the Armenian Relief Society booth, the stuffed grape leaves were amazing. I waited in line for pieroghies at the Polish booth, but they ran out before I got to them (they looked good). I can't remember where I had it, but someone was selling really good limeade, too!