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Jul 25, 2006 04:02 PM

Great pizza at Scibelli's at LIRR Ronkonkoma Station.

Whenever I take the LIRR to Ronkonkoma to visit my folks on Long Island, I secretly hope they are late picking me up. Why? I can grab a slice at Scibelli's in the LIRR Station.

I fully realize that there have been accolades for Scibell's in the past, but all of the posts are about two years old. I just want to give a shout out about their pizza once more. The regular slice is one of the best ones I have come across in that region of Long Island (middle-ish Suffolk) because I love its sauce-cheese-crust ratio, which seems just about perfect. The sauce also has a nice balance of oregano in it, which is why I also like the regular slice at Aegean Pizza (in the Sun Vet Mall on Sunrise Highway), Gino's (on Main Street, Patchogue), and La Margarita (in Medford near the Surise Mall). They are all similar and I used to swear by Aegean's slice, but Scibelli's is now the clear favorite.

The garlic knots have a great balance of oil-bread-garlic. I don't like dry knots and Scibelli's are more moist and dense.

The grandma slice is also great. Again, they somehow get the ratio of sauce and cheese right. I usually shy away from Sicilian-styled pizza (thinking regular Margarita-styled pizza is the sum of all that is good in this world), but their grandma slice is worth it.

Any other pizza hints in and around this region of Suffolk County are much appreciated...

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  1. Since you're correct about Ginos and La Margherita, I will put this place back on my list, thanks for the reminder. Carlos in Holtsville/(or Holbrook?on Waverly) is really excellent too. Speaking of Carlos, there's another one in Polishtown, Riverhead (which used to be connected with the Holtsville place) which was basically great except the crust was just a bit too thick and they put on way too much cheese for us. We stopped there this weekend and the workers all seemed unfamiliar: we realized there's new owners and found the pizza is even better than before, as the crust is now perfect, Brooklyn style thin. Goodbye to Julias and their attitude!

    1. La Margherita has disappointed me at least three times and I am not going back for a 4th. The crust was burned twice and once it was just old and lacked any real flavor. The people I know who go there often say they only go because its close. Hmpf.
      I'm always at the train station but never tried the pizza, can't wait to taste those garlic knots!