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Jul 25, 2006 03:39 PM

Bathurst and Centre

I am moving shortly to Bathurst and Centre St (Bathurst and 407). I have been to some restaurants in the area but I am curious if anyone has any "hidden gems" to recomend. Doesnt really matter what type of food it is.


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  1. Centre Street Deli. The very best smoked meat in far. Good fries too.

    1. Try Tresca at Bathurst and Rutherford (16th). Italian food. Very good with a nice atmosphere. Medium priced. Very good

      1. Anton at Bathurst & Steele great food home made food

        1. Try Tov-li on Bathurst south of Steeles (by Patricia Rd.) for one of the best falafels in town. They also serve good pizza, salads and bourekas and are reasonably priced.