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Jul 25, 2006 03:33 PM

Palmeras, Palmiers ... Elephant Ears!

Whatever you call them - where can I get 'em! A friend brings them into work from a Hispanic bakery in Brooklyn, Lopez Bakery on 5th ave. I've tried a few places in Manhattan but they don't measure up ... any clues?

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  1. If you're uptown at all, Silver Moon Bakery on Broadway at W. 106th Street has excellent palmiers.

    Zabar's sometimes has small palmiers in a container. If I remember correctly, they're packaged by E.A.T., which suggests that one could get 'em at E.A.T., too.

    1. William Greenberg (Madison and 82nd) has palmiers, I have never tasted them, but I do love their cookies.

      1. Dean & Deluca typically has a few palmiers in their bread display. The mini-palmiers from E.A.T. are really good. Also try Baltzahar and Ceci-cela - I'm not sure about Baltzahar, but I'm pretty sure ceci-cela had palmiers.

        1. I've been by Ceci-cela and didn't find any but didn't ask just looked. I visited a hispanic bakery on ave B near 14 and had mini ones that tasted like corn flakes ... NOT yummy ;).

          1. I like the ones at Sweet MElissa on Houston St. but I'm definitely not an expert!

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              Thanks for the tip ... I'm trying to become an expert! :)