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Prince Edward County - Top 3

Hi everyone,

I know there have been some posts about this already, but a few of us are going on a little 'foodie trip' to the county over the long weekend, so I wanted to get some current input on the best, not-to-be-missed, places to eat.

We'll have a few nights I want to fit in some really nice dinners, and based on what I've gathered from the site, I've narrowed it down to:
1) Merrill Inn in Picton
2) Angeline's in Bloomfield
3) Carriage House (Bloomfield) OR Harvest (Picton)

Also going to definitely fit in a trip to Slicker's Ice Cream. And fitting in a cycling tour to a handful of wineries, so please let me know if there are better ones to go to for sampling some nice County-produced wines.

Anyone have any feedback on my choices and/or want to recommend alternatives? I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice on why/why not to go to certain places.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. The Waring House restuarant outside Picton has a great kitchen. A little on the pricey side so what I do is go to the Barley Room pub ajoining the restaurant. Less fancy fare, but its the same kitchen! so it is all prepared and cooked quite well.

    As for wineries I recommend By Chadsey's Cairns (a small operation) outside Wellington, and Huff estates (award winning wines this year) near bloomfield

    1. We liked Huff and some of the wines at the Grange!

      1. We were there a few weeks ago and had an amazing dinner at Harvest in Picton. Great atmosphere, seasonal local ingredients, and nice service. On weekends you need a reservation as it is very popular.

        Had lunch at Huff that same weekend and wasn't very impressed.

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          We each ordered the 6 course tasting menu and were quite surprised by the large portions. If we go again, we'll probably order A La Carte instead and skip out on the desserts which weren't very impressive.

          My favourite dishes include the:
          1. Velvety Hagerman's Farm Cauliflower Soup with Waupoos Apples and Saffron
          2. Sea Scallops with County Sweet Corn Pancakes and White Truffle Oil
          3. Seared Duck Foie Gras with Baby Beets Glazed in Sherry Vinegar

          For pictures, kindly visit:

        2. Harvest is a great choice if it is half as good as their previous restaurant.

          If you are looking for a nice breakfast in the centre of Picton, check out the Picton Harbour Inn. Here's the menu:


          It's got pretty traditional offerings in a smaller spce, but it is great stuff.

          1. The Merrill Inn does incredible fried perch. A nice patio, too—much nicer than inside.

            Harvest's beef: brilliant.

            The Carriage House is fantastic. A wee bit fussy, but still fun, with incredible flavours and textures. The desserts are the best around.

            1. I quite enjoyed the Carmela Estates Winery (www.carmelaestates.ca) Beautiful place, great food, decent wine. I think they have an August long weekend special menu, tours and tastings.

              1. Hello,

                We have a yoga retreat in the family so we are out there often. I cna't really recommend a restaurant but I can say there is a garlic festival which I believe is on the August long weekend.

                Then the labour day long weekend there is an heiloom tomato festival at Vickie's Veggies which is an organic farm. It is very quaint...just an unmanned bucket collect money onthe honour system.


                1. Vikies Veggies is one of my faves out there! Sept. 2 & 3 is their "Heirloom Hurrah", Tomato Tasting of about 50 Varieties
                  Vicki's Veggies - 81 Morrison Point Rd. Milford ON, K0K 2P0 (613) 476-7241.

                  Also, after a bit of a drive further downt he road, I discovered that Pat`s Jams & Crafts. Pat sells jams that are very good and its Vikie's Mom, so you know the produce is terriffic! Point of interest; she also makes some diabetic friendly varieties and I'd recommend the Blue Rasberry and the Gem Jam.
                  Pat`s Jams & Crafts - 113 Morrison Point Rd. R.R. #2 Milford, ON K0K-2P0 (613)476-6929 patsjams@hotmail.com

                  A great web resource for the area: http://www.tastetrail.ca & it has links to many websites for places already mentioned & http://www.pec.on.ca/pec_yellowpages/... .

                  Other outings from past trips that I'd recomend hitting:

                  Black River Cheese Company http://www.blackrivercheese.com
                  (Its something I usually pass on the way to/from Vikies. They have samples so you can try and take home... I recommend bringing a cooler. Also they usually have fresh curds in different varieties. If memory serves me correctly Sundays they have garlic curds. Yum! A soft serve ice cream is also great for cooling off while wandering the countryside.
                  The County Cider Company & Estate Winery http://www.countycider.com
                  (Staff are usually knowlegable, always friendly, you can sample and I usually end up going home with a bunch of hard cidars. Didn't realize they had food... now that I know, I'd recommend getting a snackie type platter and sit outside under the arbour and have a glass of something.


                  South Bay Ostrich Ranch http://www.pec.on.ca/sb-ostrich/index...

                  Yes, Aug 19-20 there is The Picton Garlic Festival (http://countygarlicfestival.ca) that same weekend is also the Prince Edward County Jazz Festival (http://www.pecjazz.org) Aug 17-20. Might be worth going back. :)

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                    I second Black River Cheese...the extra old cheddar is great and I absolutely love the horseradish cheddar! It is soooo good. Think big fat juicy burgers with a hunk of horseradish cheddar! Oh so divine!


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                      I can't beleive I forgot about the horseraddish cheddar... now I am drooling for a "big fat juicy burgers with a hunk of horseradish cheddar". *sigh*

                  2. Check out Norman Hardie's winery:


                    Every Saturday in July and August he hosts a "Vintner's Feast", described as "delicious rustic dishes made with fresh County ingredients shared at a communal table" (click on "Tour & Taste" on the site). It's $50 all in (incl. taxes, tip, and wine pairings!).

                    Norman's made wines for Au Bon Climat and Bouchard Pere et Fils, among other international wineries, and his wines are excellent.

                    Of course, if you're driving in down the 33, somewhere between Consecon and Wellington (near Hillier) stop by the little French fry stand serving up frites in paper cones sided w/ homemade mayonnaise, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

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                      I wrote Norman inquiring about the Vintner's Feast, and unfortunately they've been so busy at the vineyard that I was informed they don't have time to do it this summer. a pity, it looked like quite the fun afternoon!

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                        i am in love with norman hardie...ever since he was at Truffles...i loved dining there....wonderful to see he has fulfilled his dreams

                      2. Thanks for all the tips everyone! Everything sounds so good my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

                        I can't wait to go now. I'll make sure to get to all the places everyone's been so kind to recommend....

                        1. " stop by the little French fry stand serving up frites in paper cones sided w/ homemade mayonnaise, and fresh-squeezed lemonade."

                          Not sure if you were aware of this or not... but said (Summer-Only) french fry stand is operated by Chef Jamie Kennedy's daughter...