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Jul 25, 2006 03:12 PM

Pizza in Park Slope??

Hi all. Any pizza recommendations for Park Slope. I used to really like Pino's, but lately I'm not so into them. Also, what would you say is the best pizza in all of New York City? If you can, can you please list your judging criteria?

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    1. the best pizza in park slope can be found at La Villa and Anthony's, neither being amazing, but great to have, considering the alternatives. The best pizza at La Villa is the DOC.

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      1. re: josh L

        At the risk of sounding completely unchowhound-like, can someone please tell me what DOC is? Also, where are La Villa and Anthony's located?

        1. re: ksphil

          "D.O.C." is an Italian wine designation. Not sure what it means in tems of pizza. La Villa is most well known for its "Grandma" pie, a Long Island specialty (almost cheeseless Sicilian topped with tomatos and garlic). They're at 5th Ave. & Garfield. I've always found them to be overpriced and very uneven.

          Anthony's is a rather new place on 7th Ave. between 14th & 15th Sts. Thin crust pizza that can be quite good (other times less so), and which I like a lot more than La Villa, although it seems to be less good now than when it opened. When ordering a pizza of this type you should avoid all moisture-throwing toppings (like mushrooms) and ask for it well-done. As with far too many Brooklyn establishments, service can be sluggish to non-existent.

          But then I'm a nay-sayer on the DiFara experience that so many here find transcendent (waiting 45+ minutes in a dirty, hot, crowded space for a pizza that may or may not come out right - or never getting my order at all - is not my idea of a great dining experience), so take my pizza opinion in that light.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            Margarita DOC pizza is made with bufala mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes and a thin crust. Its the best delivery option in Park Slope.

            1. re: Woodside Al

              I'm with you on DiFara's. I went there for the first time yesterday. I didn't think the pizza had much taste outside of briny, greasy cheese and a tad flavourful crust at all. I do like the owner however. Which counts for alot. He is extrermely courteous and friendly. My vote still goes to Lenny's. Antonios on Flatbush and Park Place when I'm too lazt to go to Lenny's.

              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                Lenny's on 5th Ave!? It barely suffices. The fact that it's slightly better than a lot of pizza to be had doesn't make it anything great but only means that the standard has fallen very far. Lenny's uses plastic cheese, same as any other place, but their sauce has just enough taste to make you think they're doing something special.

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          1. Don't schlep to L&B for pizza; it's decent if you happen to be walking past, but it's so far from worthy of being considered among the best that it needs a high-powered telescope to approach that level. We're talking about more like top-200 or -250 pizza than top-10. Their spumoni is worth a detour, however.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I disagree. I'm not a huge fan of Amorina. Something just doesn't work and the red sauce they use is pretty mediocore.