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Pizza in Park Slope??

Hi all. Any pizza recommendations for Park Slope. I used to really like Pino's, but lately I'm not so into them. Also, what would you say is the best pizza in all of New York City? If you can, can you please list your judging criteria?

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  1. the best pizza in park slope can be found at La Villa and Anthony's, neither being amazing, but great to have, considering the alternatives. The best pizza at La Villa is the DOC.

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      At the risk of sounding completely unchowhound-like, can someone please tell me what DOC is? Also, where are La Villa and Anthony's located?

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        "D.O.C." is an Italian wine designation. Not sure what it means in tems of pizza. La Villa is most well known for its "Grandma" pie, a Long Island specialty (almost cheeseless Sicilian topped with tomatos and garlic). They're at 5th Ave. & Garfield. I've always found them to be overpriced and very uneven.

        Anthony's is a rather new place on 7th Ave. between 14th & 15th Sts. Thin crust pizza that can be quite good (other times less so), and which I like a lot more than La Villa, although it seems to be less good now than when it opened. When ordering a pizza of this type you should avoid all moisture-throwing toppings (like mushrooms) and ask for it well-done. As with far too many Brooklyn establishments, service can be sluggish to non-existent.

        But then I'm a nay-sayer on the DiFara experience that so many here find transcendent (waiting 45+ minutes in a dirty, hot, crowded space for a pizza that may or may not come out right - or never getting my order at all - is not my idea of a great dining experience), so take my pizza opinion in that light.

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          Margarita DOC pizza is made with bufala mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes and a thin crust. Its the best delivery option in Park Slope.

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            I'm with you on DiFara's. I went there for the first time yesterday. I didn't think the pizza had much taste outside of briny, greasy cheese and a tad flavourful crust at all. I do like the owner however. Which counts for alot. He is extrermely courteous and friendly. My vote still goes to Lenny's. Antonios on Flatbush and Park Place when I'm too lazt to go to Lenny's.

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              Lenny's on 5th Ave!? It barely suffices. The fact that it's slightly better than a lot of pizza to be had doesn't make it anything great but only means that the standard has fallen very far. Lenny's uses plastic cheese, same as any other place, but their sauce has just enough taste to make you think they're doing something special.

      2. Don't schlep to L&B for pizza; it's decent if you happen to be walking past, but it's so far from worthy of being considered among the best that it needs a high-powered telescope to approach that level. We're talking about more like top-200 or -250 pizza than top-10. Their spumoni is worth a detour, however.

        1. I disagree. I'm not a huge fan of Amorina. Something just doesn't work and the red sauce they use is pretty mediocore.

          1. Joe's on 5th ave and 11th is my favorite NY style pizza in the slope

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              Ugh. Never even got to try the pizza there-- the service was so terrible I gave up. I tried to order a somewhat complex pizza, and the new owner is either deaf, or dim, or something, but he managed to screw it up 3 times. 3 times. I was justifiably upset, but he was downright hostile. I will never go back.

            2. The best slice I've gotten is at "Pizza by the Park" on 3rd and 5th. Granted it was late and I had had a few beers... but it was GOOD!

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                  I think you had a few to many beers.

                2. In the south slope there’s a spot called “Friend’s Pizza Café” on 7th Ave. around Prospect. It’s a weird little pizza place - I regularly call it “Fred’s Pizza Cave” because I misread the sign the first time I drove by and like that name better. I don’t really talk about it much, it’s not good pizza, but it is weird pizza - especially when coupled with visual images of poor Fred slaving away in his pizza cave.

                  I have eaten two of Fred’s slices, on two separate occasions, the plain and the white. Their pizza defies convention of the NY slice joint with small expensive slices (I did ask the first time I went if the slices were eighths, they were, probably 14” pies though) - lots of off beat (and unappetizing in my opinion) slice offerings such as barbeque chicken and Hawaiian pizza. The crust is also “cracker-like” – that’s how I think I would describe it - Eiliosesque maybe. They do have an ATM, which is broadly advertised. The space is actually quite nice (brick walls, garden) although noticeably dirty (uncleaned tables both times I went). They have other offerings besides pizza, traditional pasta/sub fare. There were two or three folks in the place, including me both times I was there. I can’t recommend their pizza if you’re looking for a good NY slice, but am curious what other folks might know about this place.

                  Two other strange things about Fred’s is that you have to turn a handle on the front door to open it even though it looks like any other shop door that you can just pull. It seemed everyone who tried to get in or out had to pause to figure this out. Secondly, there was (can’t confirm if there still is) a large hand scrawled “bathroom is for paying customers only” sign on the front door, which – irrespective of their policy of allowing people to use their bathroom did not endear me to them or make me feel particularly welcome.

                  I come from four generations of Pino’s supporters, from my grandparents to my son – pizza night was always (and still is) from Pino’s. Always a veggie pie (spinach and garlic), meat (sausage and pepperoni) and really good zucchini sticks – quick and friendly delivery to 18th street, where my family has been steadily migrating 13 blocks southward over the course of the last thirty years. It is just regular good pizza, true, but I can’t fault good pizza for being good pizza.

                  I also grew up with the Park Slope establishment (an off shoot of the original Bay Ridge locale that is sadly no more), Lento’s. Lento’s was ahead of its time in terms of Park Slope pizza; my recollections are that it would beat any current pie around hands down. Back when Grimaldi’s was Grimaldi’s, Lento’s was on par. It’s now the Tea Lounge on Union, which I can’t enjoy, because whenever I’m there I just want a meatball pizza.

                  When I lived on Park Place, I would regularly walk over to Fulton and South Portland for a slice from Not Ray’s, a slice some have said is the best in the city; sometimes I’ll take the A train as an excuse to eat one, or two.

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                    What a great post. I loved hearing about Fred's.

                    I first lived in the Slope over 20 years ago and Smiling Pizza on 9th and 7th Avenue was pretty good for a long time. Unfortunately they declined - I tried the pizza about 5 or 6 years ago and it was generic and flavorless.

                    Pino's has gone downhill as well. I thought it was an above average slice 15 years back but now it's solidly mediocre.

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                      HEAR-HEAR to Not Ray's - best pre-BAM quick bite I know. I used to get off the C a few stops early and walk home with a slice.

                    2. Lenny's on Prospect Avenue and 5th Avenue.

                      1. My favorite is Anthony's, although you can't get a slice there. I also find that Smiling is a good place for classic, NY-Style pizza, the kind that I grew up with. Food there is always fast and fresh, and tastes like I feel that a typical corner slice should.

                        I haven't tried La Villa, I think DiFara is horribly overrated (Woodside Al's assessment was dead-on), and I think everyone should go to L&B's once - the food there is magnificent.

                        My favorite brooklyn pizza is still Original's on Ralph Avenue near Avenue N - their "Supreme" pie (available in square and round) is the best pizza out there, hands down. Although, there's a new place on N just off Flatbush (Nino's) that makes an absolutely perfect Grandma pie. Even better - you can stop by Aliotta's afterwards for dessert!

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                        1. I agree about La Villa and Anthony's: both make honest attempts to produce an authentic Neopolitan pie. Neither succeed every time.

                          There isn't a delivery pie in the world that stands up to delivery time and the changes in texture that results from heat in an enclosed box.

                          Consider Olive Vine's pizza: far from authentic Italian or New York style pie, but the ingredients are high-quality and the product is tasty.

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                            I very much enjoy Olive Vine's pizza, though I've only tried the house zucchini pizza. I've had some bad luck with Anthony's lately, but it can be very, very good. The best NYC slice joint is Joe's on 5th. Surprised someone had a bad experience there. I talked to the owner once and found him to be quite cordial. The staff has always been friendly.

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                              I agree that the best generic slice place in the Slope is Joe's on 5th. Uneven to be sure, but when it's fresh and made right the crust has a nice solid crunch to it. They also do a reasonably good white slice. They've never been anything but nice to me, albeit in a typically brusque NYC kind of way.

                          2. I agree with you that both "La Villa and Anthony's: both make honest attempts to produce an authentic Neopolitan pie. Neither succeed every time." However, the "pizza" at Olive Vine does not come close to either, nor are the ingredients as good quality.

                            1. Oh yeah. My husband tried a few slices at the place next to Radio Shack on 7th (don't know the name) and he said it was surprisingly good for a generic slice joint, especially the crust.

                              1. i gotta go with Anthony's but then I'm a fan of thin crust brick oven pizza. For me it rates up there as some of the best in NYC along with Nick's. But then Nick is part owner in Anthony's and makes the canoli. Never tries it with toppings, I'm a purist like that.

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                                  I'm with you - Anthony's is the real deal. Never got anything at La Villa except the Grandma's Pizza - and always delivered, and always good.

                                2. But you know what is sooo annoying (and sneaky) about La Villa delivery???? They charge a delivery fee of around $3 bucks which I found to be completely ridiculous considering their food is overpriced anyway... COME ON!

                                  1. Weirdly enough, we like the pizza from this random place called Pizza Plus on
                                    7th Ave. It has crappy atmosphere, but the pies are always really flavorful.
                                    Anthony's is good, too, though their pies are quite small.

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                                      Yeah, Pizza Plus has some of the better pizza in the slope.

                                    2. Get a pizza delivered from Laura's Gourmet Kitchen in Windsor Terrace. I think their pies are the best in the slope + area. I used to get sausage and spinach pizza (excellent garlicky sauteed spinach), then moved on to mushroom and meatball. Now going more for just veggies (though I once got a shrimp pizza that was really good w/ lots of large finely cooked shrimp). Great crust, nice flavorful sauce, excellent cheese. Anthony's doesn't hold a candle. On Sunday nights, my bf and I order a pie and an Italian salad (which is plenty big enough for 2) and have a movie/TV dinner. Pastas are fine (huge portions when delivered) in an old school red sauce way but I advise sticking to pizza. And to delivery only (I'm not a fan of the restaurant -- weird decor and I heard you can only get individual pies if you eat in, but delivery pies are lg and quite reasonable). Even delivery can have weird service, though. The guy that used to deliver -- sweet older fellow, p'raps family member -- always seemed drunk.