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Jul 25, 2006 03:08 PM

Huntington Beach / Newport Beach

Looking for great places to eat in that area ezpecially Thai and other unique types

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  1. Would you settle for some good sushi/Japanese rec's??


    Wasa on the Bluffs - try the Wasa Treasure's (DO NOT do take-out here - it's always pretty bad, which mystifies me, as the in restaurant food is so good)

    Bluefin - Newport Coast - Excellent!!! Incredible omakase if you're up for it

    Bamboo Bistro - Corona del Mar - Thai/Vietnamese - most is good - avoid the Tom Kha Gai


    Red Pearl - More upscale Chinese/Asian fusion

    1. Check out The Golden Truffle, technically I think it's Costa Mesa but it's "Newport-Adjacent" ;-)

      Also I've heard generally very good things about the new Aubergine (it got a bad review by the main restaurant critic of the LA Times, but I think there may be some behind-the-scenes politics to that, so I wouldn't dismiss it completely based on that).

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      1. Huntington Beach:
        Bukhara - Edinger, across from Bella Terra, great Indian.

        Ciao Trattoria - Edinger, in the shopping center behind Bukhara - excellent Italian, reasonable prices.

        Rombi's - Warner & Gothard - good, homemade Italian, also reasonably priced.

        Sea Siam at Bolsah Chica & Edinger was recently closed for remodeling, but if it's re-opened, is always a solid choice for Thai.

        1. Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley off Brookhurst South!! Japanese bbq, melt in your mouth kobe beef, tender outside skirt, ribs, my favorite kimchi fried rice, good bimbimbop, cold glass noodles, really good pear, yuzu and peach sorbets. YUM!

          1. I love All-American Yogurt on Beach and (Ellis?) next to Stein Mart and Bookman in the center on the north west side of the street. On a hot sticky day, NOTHING beats this fun little server yourself flavored frozen yogurt and fun toppings.