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Jul 25, 2006 02:46 PM

Cheap(ish) Date on Capitol Hill

I'm looking for a cheapish date place on Capitol Hill - somewhere cute but reasonably-priced. White Tiger is my instinct; their prices are about in the range I had in mind - anyone have any other or better suggestions?

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  1. White Tiger is a great choice, unless its too brutally hot to sit outdoors - I find their inside a tad cramped, and usually opt for takeout.

    The other place I thought about is Taverna, over on Penn. SE between 3rd and 4th. Not the greastest greek food on the planet, but freshly made and quite flavorful. Nice outside tables too.

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    1. re: mic9ael

      I used to recommend Taverna the Greek Islands because a couple of items remained great despite a general downhill slide. But the slide has now turned into an avalanche. Friendly service can't make up for Campbell's Soup-style preparation.

      1. re: Steve

        The Taverna was bought out by the former owner of Zachs. The not so good greek food could get worse.

    2. Split a pizza at The Ugly Mug on 8th Street. Same as what you'd get at Matchbox, minus the crowds.

      1. White Tiger is probably your best bet on that side of the Hill, but Taverna is one of the worst places on the other side. Since the best place at that end of the Hill, Sonoma, is probably outside your price range, you're pretty much relegated to so-so Chinese, Tex-Mex, or pub food over there (also avoid Thai Roma). A much better bet is to go farther down Pennsylvania Ave. SE to Meyhane (between 6th and 7th)--they have $4.00 martinis and half-price beer and wine (including bottles) until 7 PM, and a decent selection of meze (better than the entrees). While the service can be erratic, it fits the cute and reasonably priced criteria very well.

        1. I like the White Tiger idea, too, but one more to toss in the mix: Trattoria Alberto on Eighth Street SE is decent-enough Italian.

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          1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

            FWIW, I think Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill has surpassed White Tiger.

            I'd also recommend Bistro Italiano. A cozy little neighborhood joint -- nothing adventurous, but giant portions for the money.

            1. re: CMACDC

              Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill is a lot closer for me, and indeed I've been there two or three times since I last visited White Tiger, but I've been turned off by the rather weird (if well-meaning) service.