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(Toronto) Front street around Jarvis and Church - For tonight

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Hey folks,

I'm going to a movie with a friend tonight at Rainbow Cinemas and I'm looking for a good place to get dinner beforehand. I know that there is a special with Hernando's and with Hot House, but it's Tuesday, so I don't think the special is applicable since all Rainbow tickets are $4.25 on Tuesdays.

So, what would you suggest for a reasonably priced meal (I'm not sure what this would be, probably in the $25 each including tip range, assuming maybe an appitizer and a main, or a drink and a main)in the area? Very flexible on food types.


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  1. Many of the places in that area would be difficult to get out of for less than $25. Have you tried Jason George at 100 Front E., just east of Jarvis? Decent food and not too pricey.

    1. i'd say there is flexiblitiy on the pricing. i haven't tried jason gorge, what kind of food is it?

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        The Jason George is a pub, with typical pub grub. Nothing special, but a decent option if that's what you're in the mood for.

      2. How about JKWB, will spend perhaps 20% more, but will be 100% better food than most.

        1. You can try Biff's on Front close to Yonge. I believe they have a 3 course fixe menu for around 25.

          1. You cant go wrong with Cest what. Front St at Jarvis. Great local beer and excellent food. I love the lamb burger and thier version of sheppards pie.

            Also, for an appetizer, their antojitos are amazing.

            1. Laide - Adelaide @ Jarvis has a $25 - 3 course "summerlicious" type deal, any 3 items on their menu - http://www.laide.ca/menu.asp (see comments about their food on the Laide Stagette post)

              1. If you don't mind sharing, try Ninth Gate Korean Bistro. The hubby & I were there recently. We shared one of the Sura Sang appetizer platters and then each had our own main course. We found it to be just the right amount of food for a decent price.


                1. How about Toba on King Street East (I think around Jarvis)..haven't been by recently, but it seems to still be quite popular - kind of homey food and reasonable prices, nice atmosphere (maybe too far to walk though)