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Jul 25, 2006 02:21 PM

Wilmington VT, for the weekend

Me and my wife will be going to WIlmington,VT for the weekend in August. I would like some dinner recommendations please.

Thank You

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  1. If I were going to Wilmington and had any place to go(we ski there all Winter)I would eat at the Inn at Saw Mill Farm for sure(
    This place is a 4-star Mobil restaurant with the best food around.
    The Inn is in West Dover,a few miles from Wilmington.
    Check this one out!
    The Hermitage in Wilmington used to be the best upscale place in town but since the orginal owner sold out this place has gone real bad imo.
    The new owners don't seem to care if they run the place or not.
    For breakfast we usually go to Dot's which is downtown.
    Real good food,a local hangout,and reasonable.
    We also hit the Vermont House downtown for the pub and pub food.
    They have big sandwiches and good burgers.
    A place just like the Vermont House is the Old Red Mill on Rt. 100.
    The same kind of tavern atmosphere with good food.
    We usually meet a lot of locals at the Old Red Mill and and Vermont House.
    Another after-ski place to hit is Deacon's Den.
    Outstanding burgers in a loud,raucous kind of bar atmosphere which we like.
    Poncho's Wreck,also downtown,can be hot or cold.
    We've had some good food there after skiing and the next time the food is mediocre at best---a toss-up for us.
    Another good dinner choice,at least for us ,is Two Tannery Road Retaurant which has a lot of unique recipies.
    We always get something different offered to us at this place and it's always great.
    Good eating!

    1. I agrre with the rec for the Inn at Sawmill Farm, however it is VERY pricey.
      I've lived in the Valley for many years and the Hermitage was always at the bottom of my list.
      Deacon's Den is closed for the summer (renovating and rumor has it is being sold).
      Wahoo's on E Rt 9 is great for lunch.
      For other dinner sugestions Ravello is excellent and not as pricey as the Sawmill. The Deerhill Inn accross the road from the Sawmill is good too as is the Doveberry Inn.
      Other local favorites for dinner are the Anchor and The
      The Old Red Mill isn't open in the summer(Jerry's Deck Bar and Grill is) but I find that way overpriced for what is served.
      Good luck and I hope you enjoy our wonderful Valley!!

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      1. re: RichK

        Thanks for the post Rich!
        We're going up in two weeks and I didn't know that Deacon's Den and the Old Red Mill were closed.
        I guess it pays to call ahead for reservations;even at places you think are open!
        Appreciative Catnip

      2. No problem at all. I have been living up here in the Valley for about 35 yrs so I pretty much know what is going on.
        BTW The Old Red Mill is open for rooms but their restaurant downstairs is closed. Just wanted to clarify that.
        Hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful Valley!!