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Jul 25, 2006 01:58 PM

Gulf Shores

We're about to take the Family to the Redneck Rivera next week, any newer good family options for the Gulf Shores area? Have had decent meals at King Neptune's in the past and Original Oyster House is okay (If we can get over the wait with kids!)

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. spent 5 nights in Orange Beach earlier this summer.

    we really liked Doc's. arrive early or expect a huge wait.
    Doc's Seafood Shack & Oyster Bar
    Corner of Canal Road and Highway 161
    Orange Beach, AL 36561
    (334) 981-6999

    our favorite place was a bit outside of Gulf Shores in Elberta. totally worth the drive. nothing fancy just good ole seafood. closed mondays and dinner service starts at 5pm. we got there at 4:40 and there was a line of people waiting outside.

    Wolf Bay Lodge
    9050 Pinewood Ave
    Elberta, AL

    1. We love Louisianna Lagniappe. The fish in parchment paper is excellent.

      1. Gulf Shores Steamers. Right on the main strip if I remember correctly. Dinner for two. Giant bucket of shrimp with corn and a jug of beer. Somewhere around $20. It's great. Don't let the look of the place scare you.

        There is also another thread

        Also, if you have access to a kitchen, don't be afraid to purchase some of the fresh stuff and DIY. We went over to Dauphin Island and they encourage you to buy off the boats as they come in. Just make a deal.
        If you are on the island, you can go here too. Best po' boy (grouper) I've ever had. It may however been removed by mother nature.
        Pelican Pub & Fauxpas Cafe
        1102 Desoto Ave.
        Dauphin Island, AL 36528