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Jul 25, 2006 01:32 PM

Food & Wine Scene in the Roanoke, VA area?

Can anyone speak to the food & wine scene in the Roanoke, VA area: Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, grocery chains, farmers markets, wine stores, fishmongers, etc. Is good food and wine a priority (or growing priority) in the area?


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  1. I've just moved to Blacksburg, VA (about 40 minutes from Roanoke). There is a farmers' market in Roanoke that is open 7 days a week year round. We have been there twice and it has been pretty empty, but we haven't made it on a Saturday morning yet, which I am sure is the busiest time. The downtown Roanoke website has more information about it.

    I'll be anxious to read the rest of the replies to this thread as Roanoke is not too far a drive for us.

    1. How is the Blacksburg chow scene? Is it all college fare?

      1. The Blacksburg Chow scene is iffy at best. My stepdaughter is a senior at VT and we go to all of the home football games. There are two good places for breakfast, Gillie's which is mostly vegetarian with occasional seafood thrown in and Lefty's which does a mean hangover (chili, cheese, sour cream) omelet. Gillie's is generally packed for breakfast (have never had lunch or dinner there) and Lefty's was still undiscovered by most last time we were there.

        There's a good bakery/lunch spot called Our Daily Bread. It has a "chicken salad of the day" and each one I have tried has been very good...on homemade bread or rolls, etc. Great cakes also.

        Poor Billy's is my favorite place for dinner. Focus on seafood but service can be dreadful. Great Bloody Marys.

        There a good Italian place (tiny, in a building near Blockbuster) whose name escapes me.

        And Four Star pizza is good for the late night munchies.

        1. We've just been here for a month or so and it's been the first time in a year or more that I've really had time to cook, so we haven't explored the restaurant scene much. I have gotten the impression that there are lots of pizza and burger type places in town, so yeah, college town fare. We like Anthony's Pizza and there is a decent doughnut shop at the corner of N. Main and Patrick Henry that I can't remember the name of.

          They have a little farmers' market here twice a week that I have gotten some pretty good produce at.

          I went by Our Daily Bread the other day and wasn't real happy with the bread that I got, but they were out of what I really wanted and so I just randomly picked something else. I'm going to give it another try this weekend.

          1. On the Rise Bakery in the downtown Roanoke market area is very, very good. Fresh, all-natural bread, and Tues.-Fri. noon to 2PM they serve excellent fresh sandwiches and pizza by the slice. This is a hidden gem--perfect if you're craving quality bread or a really good sandwich. Best weekday lunch downtown.